034Motorsport 2.0T Gen 3 (IS38) Performance Software, 8V/8S Audi S3/TTS & MkVII Volkswagen Golf R

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034Motorsport Performance Software is now available for 8V Audi S3, 8S Audi TTS, and MkVII Volkswagen Golf R models equipped with the EA888 Gen 3 2.0T engine! 034Motorsport 2.0T Gen 3 tunes are flashed directly through the factory OBD-II port using the 034Motorsport Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit, and offer dramatic increases in horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit allows customers to install their 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software themselves. In addition, End User Flashing allows Dynamic+ Performance Software customers to receive and install software updates and revisions, flash back to stock, or upgrade to the next stage of performance software for their vehicle.

034Motorsport Performance Software with California Air Resource Board (CARB) exempt Stage 1 files are available for on-road use under Executive Order D-850-1 & D-850-3. 034Motorsport CARB exempt files are designed for residents of emissions-controlled environments and on-road use and are included free with the purchase of 034Motorsport Stage 1 Dynamic+ Tuning. 034Motorsport CARB exempt Performance Software offers the same great performance and reliability, now exempted from California Vehicle Code Section 27156 and the Federal Clean Air Act which prohibit modifications that increase motor vehicle emissions.

To receive your CARB Executive Order sticker, please fill out the following Form with the appropriate product selected after you have completed flashing the CARB exempt tuning file to your ECU.

Stock 91: 298 HP / 291 TQ
Stage 1 91: 351 HP / 384 TQ
Stage 1 93: 377 HP / 400 TQ
Stage 2 91: 383 HP / 385 TQ
Stage 2 93: 386 HP / 408 TQ

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

034Motorsport offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Dynamic+ ECU & TCU Tuning Software & Flashing Cable to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and tuning. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Dynamic+ Transformation on your Volkswagen or Audi, please email tuning@034motorsport.com within 30 calendar days of the initial flash, and we will process a full refund to the original payment method.

Ready to Upgrade Your Tune?

Upgrading your existing 034Motorsport Dynamic+ tune to a higher stage is easy. Simply choose the upgrade you want from the Tuning Software drop-down list below. The price of the upgrade will be shown once your selection is made. After your purchase, install any additional required hardware, download your new tune, and flash your ECU using the Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit.

Please Note: Use this product page only if you plan to flash this software to your ECU yourself. To install this software you must have a 034Motorsport Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit. If you do not have our Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit and would like to flash from home, click the Icon above and add the Flashing Kit to your cart! (If you do not purchase/own one, you will not be able to flash this software to your ECU and TCU). If you already have a Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit, simply purchase the software without purchasing the flashing kit.

Alternatively, this 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software can be installed for you, without the need to purchase the End User Flashing Kit, at ZTF Automotive in San Jose, Ca, and Fremont, CA, as well as the 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Software Dealers listed here. Dealer flashes must be purchased directly through the dealer facility (including ZTF Automotive), not through this product page.

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Tuned by a competitor but want to experience the Dynamic+ Transformation? 034Motorsport offers a switching discount risk-free with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! To take advantage of this, email us at contact@034motorsport.com BEFORE purchasing!

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034Motorsport 2.0T Gen 3 (IS38) Performance Software, 8V/8S Audi S3/TTS & MkVII Volkswagen Golf R

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