Supplementary Injector ControlerFollow these instructions carefully.
Download this zip file to your harddrive: Unzip this file, use Winzip or similar program, and acess the read only file, follow the instructions.


You cannot program the ECU unless its hooked up thorough a 9 pin comm data cable (not provided). You can adjust different parameters. Here are some suggestions to get you started:Number of Cylinders: The number of cylinders in the application. Full Scale Tach: 7000 or your preference
Rev Limit: 7000 or your preference
Cut Fuel Below: 120 recommended - (100 is 0psi) This will cut the fueling below a certain atmospheric pressure level, typically extra fuel is not needed until a few psi of boost.
Map Cut Rate Sensitivity: Start with 5...this parameter dictates how quickly the controller will react to changing MAP levels. The higher the number the higher the sensitivity. If you are experiencing fuel cuts under boost, try raising this number as you may have odd pressure fluctuations inside your intake manifold that require higher sensitivity.
Number of Injection Phases: Enter the number 1 for each injector up to two, the number 2 for two or more injectors (high impedance)
Injector Scaler: This is the main fueling parameter, and dictates maximum duty cycle in Milliseconds. Start with 1.0, and keep raising it until you get proper fueling. All EFI injectors have a lower limit of about 1MS and cannot open any smaller than that, so using a smaller # than 1.0 will not likely open the injector at all. If you want to start really rich, try a 5.0 to start with. You should not need to touch any of the numbers in the matrix, leave them all 1.00 until you are sure you've optimized the Scaler #.
Trigger Mode: *important* "Continuous" fires the injectors based on MAP only, NO RPM, "Triggered" fires each driver based on the map of MAP and RPM. If you don't have a useable RPM signal, then Continuous will work fine for most applications, but to have the greatest accuracy and tuneability, RPM should be included. Diesel applications should use Continuous Mode.
Injector Inhibit Timer: This allows a dictated time of injector disabling from the time of start up to enable warm up. Not really needed, start with zero.
Map Rate Cut (Seconds): This field determines how long until fuel is cut once vacuum drops below the Cut Fuel Below value. For most applications, we recommend leaving this at 0.

Wiring Diagram

**NOTE: This is NOT a bolt on system, and is not smog legal. Anyone with little fabrication experience, or those who want a turnkey project car should stick with the limited, stock fuel system. Though this system is easy to program, and will result in magnificent performance, it will require a period of tuning until the fuel and timing curve is acceptable under varying conditions and circumstances. If you like to fabricate, like to tweek, are patient, and find enjoyment in a project well done- please contact me with any questions and uscan move forward.