March 2020

  1. 034Motorsport N95 Mask GoFundMe Campaign

    A message from our CEO, Javad Shadzi After our post yesterday, we received disturbingly high amounts of messages from healthcare workers across the country in dire need of PPE supplies, some resorting to reusing 10 day old masks while handling patients in crowded hospitals. We knew that more had to be done, and ordered 20,000 […]
  2. Available Now: X34 Carbon Fiber Full Intake System for Audi B9 S4/S5

    034Motorsport's X34 Carbon Fiber Full Intake System delivers improved power, sound, and acceleration to B9 Audi S4/S5 owners in a clean OEM+ package. Through extensive evaluation of the factory air duct and airbox designs, 034Motorsport's engineers were able to create a performance replacement that allows for increased airflow to the turbocharger and engine. The X34 […]

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