1. Sonu's Stage 3 B5 Audi S4 2.7T

    Sonu Atwal had been a long-time 034Motorsport customer when he picked up his latest project, a B5 Audi S4 Sedan that had been modified by the previous owner. The car already came with another company's full RS4 K04 turbocharger upgrade kit and tuning, as well as full downpipes and exhaust. Despite the existing modifications, he […]
  2. Anthony@Audizine's GT3071R Audi UrS6 Avant

    When Audizine founder Anthony Marino approached us with his UrS6 Avant in search of more power, we were ecstatic to work with him on the project. If you can't already tell from the pictures of his car, Anthony is the kind of guy who prefers a clean, "OEM-plus" ride with subtle aesthetic changes to accentuate […]
  3. Installation Instructions for Spherical Rod End Dust Boosts

    This is an install document for rubber dust boots on 034Motorsport Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kits for the B5/B6B7/C5 Chassis and similar products. The only tool required is a pair of needle nose pliers.  The boots should only be installed after the final alignment adjustment has been set. First step, stretch the boot open with the pliers […]
  4. 034Motorsport Density Line Dogbone Mount Pair Install - MkV/MkVI Volkswagen & 8J/8P Audi

    Instructions shown for MkV Volkswagen GTI 2.0T FSI. Installation may vary slightly depending on exact model. 1)      Raise your vehicle securely using a lift or jackstands. 2)      Unbolt the exhaust hanger from the subframe. 3)      Locate the 12 bolts securing the subframe (circled in blue), and the 2 bolts attaching the dogbone (circled in red). Loosen the bolts […]
  5. Audi 3B 20VT Coil Upgrade

    Wiring pinout to use our 034 High Output DIS Coil w/Built in Driver for your failing factory 3B coil: 3B Specific Wiring: Pin A: Green/White ECU Trigger Pin B: Brown/Red Ground Pin C: Brown/Red Ground Pin D: Brown/Red Ground Pin E: Blue/Black +12v Link to coil product page: http://store.034motorsport.com/034-high-output-dis-coil-w-built-in-ttl-driver-20731.html Enjoy!
  6. DIY: 034EFI C4 Audi UrS4/UrS6 AAN & RS2 Chipset Installation Instructions

    Before ordering 034Motorsport Motronic Audi I5 software, you must make sure you're ordering correct software - which solves lots of problems down the line. Audi has two distributorless 20vt ECU's that are pin for pin compatible with each other, but very slightly different internally. The ECU found in the RS2 is unique, the rest of the […]

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