1. X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System for Audi B9/9.5 SQ5 3.0 TFSI Now Available from 034Motorsport!

    034Motorsport's X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System delivers improved power, sound, and acceleration to B9 Audi SQ5 owners in a clean OEM+ package. Through extensive evaluation of the factory air duct and airbox designs, 034Motorsport's engineers were able to create a performance replacement that allows for increased airflow to the turbocharger and engine. The X34 Carbon […]
  2. Billet Breather Block Off Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI Now Available from 034Motorsport!

      The Billet Breather Block Off Kit for 8J Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI is designed to remove the “shortcut” for oil to directly enter the intake manifold, forcing crankcase ventilation to go through an aftermarket catch can setup and also allowing for a boost tap or intake injection point. Once installed, along with the 034Motorsport Billet Catch Can, crankcase […]
  3. Available Now From 034Motorsport: 034Motorsport 2-Piece Brake Rotors for B8/B9 S4/S5!

      Now Available: 034Motorsport 2-Piece Brake Rotors for B8/B9 S4/S5!   The 034Motorsport 2-Piece Floating Brake Rotor Upgrade Kits for the B8/8.5 & B9/B9.5 Audi S4/S5 are complete replacement brake rotor kits, designed to work flawlessly with the factory rear calipers found on the B8/8.5 & B9/B9.5 Audi S4/S5. While reducing weight, the rotor retains […]
  4. Dynamic+ Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Kit for Audi B8/8.5 & C7/C7.5 Now Available from 034Motorsport!

    Replace your flimsy, imprecise OEM sway bar end links with the performance engineered Dynamic+ Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit from 034Motorsport for the B8/8.5 Audi A4/S4, A5/S5, Q5/SQ5 & C7/C7.5 A6/S6/RS6, A7/S7/RS7. Designed to improve handling, road feel, and steering response, 034Motorsport's Dynamic+ Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit allows for uncompromised […]
  5. Transform your Audi B8 A4, A5, or Q5 2.0T Today With 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 2 Tuning Software!

    034Motorsport B8 Audi A4/A5 & Q5 2.0 TFSI (EA888 Gen 2) Stage 2 Performance Software Now Available! Check It Out Here! Product Description: The 034Motorsport Dynamic+  Tuning Software for Audi B8 A4/A5/Q5 (Not B8.5) equipped with the EA888 Gen 2 2.0T inline four engine is designed to transform the driving experience of your vehicle! Flashed […]
  6. 034Motorsport B9 S4 First to 10 Second Stock Turbo 1/4 Mile!

    034Motorsport B9 S4 First to 10 Second Stock Turbo ¼ Mile! 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning for the EA839 3.0T Engine in the S4, S5, & SQ5 delivers the best experience of smooth drivability, perfect function, reliability, and added functionality and features beyond what the factory programming can provide. 034Motorsport’s Hardware and Software engineers are dedicated to […]
  7. Now Available from 034Motorsport: 21" ZTF-R01 Forged Wheels!

    034Motorsport ZTF-R01 Wheels are fully forged, designed with ultimate performance in mind. ZTF-R01 Wheels are sold with a lifetime structural warranty against defects. Rest assured that for your specific vehicle will fit perfectly without any guessing games or modifications to fenders or suspension components. This wheel maximizes tire fitment on these vehicles. Specs: Size: 21" […]
  8. Now Available from 034Motorsport: Billet Aluminum Strut Brace for B8/B8.5 Q5/SQ5!

      Now Available: 034Motorsport Front Strut Brace, B8/B8.5 Audi Q5/SQ5, Billet Aluminum The 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Front Strut Brace for B8/B8.5 Audi Q5 & SQ5 is designed to limit lateral deflection of the strut towers and improve handling performance without sacrificing ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness (NVH) into the cabin. Features: […]
  9. R2.0 ECU Tune Revision is Now Available for your B9 3.0T EA839 from 034Motorsport!

    A New ECU Tune Revision is Now Available for your B9 3.0T EA839 from 034Motorsport! Simply log into your 034Motorsport flashing portal, select the latest revision, and flash! R2.0 Notes: Performance Enhancements: Increased Launch Control Ferocity With this update, your car will launch with a significant increase in force, allowing you to get off the […]
  10. New Beer Glasses Now Available From 034Motorsport!

    Now Available from 034Motorsport: 034Motorsport Nonic Pint Glass 034Motorsport Tulip Glass Product Description:  Is your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife giving off that "not so hot" feeling these days? Has time taken its toll on their good looks? Wrinkles, weight gain, the aging process, grey or receding hair all can make us feel like ending […]

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