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  1. Supplementary Fueling Controller Info

      034 EFI Supplementary Injector ECU OVERVIEW: The Supplementary ECU is designed for cars running the stock fuel and ignition systems that need more fuel at high RPM or high boost levels that are beyond the stock fuel system's capabilities. It will control 1-10 injectors that will pulse according to programming. In an original turbo application, […]
  2. Fuel Pump Install, Mk2 Volkswagen High Output Kit

    The following is an instruction guide for installing our High Output Fuel Pump Kit in the late Mk2 VW cars with Digifant Injection.  Before installing, ensure your pump has the narrow 45mm fuel pump (not 60mm) These are the parts included with the kit: High Output Fuel Pump 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Mounting Bracket 8mm" fuel […]
  3. Varimap Installation Instructions

    Variable Bosch MAP Sensor Replacement Introduction: The Varimap pressure sensor is a direct replacement for the Bosch MAP sensors found in many 1990's era ECU's. The Varimap sensor is a clean sheet design using extremely fast and accurate components to make it the most flexible, highest performance map sensor solution on the market. Required Tools: […]
  4. 034 EFI STAGE I ECU

    OVERVIEW: The 034 EFI STAGE I ECU's are lower cost and feature packed! They fill the need for those looking for a simpler yet fully capable system, in either fuel only, or with distributor ignition added, or 4 cylinder Waste Spark ignition!, The STAGE I ECU's uses the fastest, most up-to-date microprocessor available. One of […]

    OVERVIEW: The 034 EFI STAGE II ECU is a progression of the original low cost, feature packed 034EFI ECU. The original was a fuel only engine controller that allowed a straightforward approach to replacing factory CIS, carbeuration and other EFI fuel control. The STAGE II ECU continues with an even faster microprocessor used in some […]
  6. 012/016/01E Short Shifter Install

    Your kit will include the following: One stainless steel shifter body (long, round, with a half- ball on the bottom) One aluminum shifter clamp (small, rectangular) One tall, skinny spring (green) One 12mm rubber O-ring One 12mm snap ring One white plastic half-ball One small white plastic bushing One M6x 25mm allen-head bolt Two ball […]
  7. AAN High Output Coil Conversion Installation

    Tools Required: 5mm Allen Wrench Screw Driver 1/4” Drill 10mm wrench Installation Disconnect battery ground Remove 4 bolts securing stock coilpack to engine, remove 2 ¼ turn bolts securing black plastic cover behind engine. Unplug stock coil harness from 2 power output stages, 2 coil power connectors, and remove the ground ring at the back […]
  8. Install Instructions for Dust Boost on Adjustable Upper Control Arms

    This is an install document for rubber dust boots on 034Motorsport Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kits for the B5/B6B7/C5 Chassis   The only tool required would be a pair of needle nose pliers.  The boots shoudl only be installed after the final alignment adjustment has been set.   First step, stretch the boot open with the […]
  9. 034Motorsport 39mm & 60mm Billet Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit Installation

    Please Note: This installation guide features photos of a B5 fuel pump assembly our 60mm adapter. Other models will be very similar, and our 39mm adapter installation is also similar. Step 1: Remove your OE fuel pump assembly; we recommend doing this with the fuel level below 1/8th of a tank. Step 2: Use a […]
  10. Sonu's Stage 3 B5 Audi S4 2.7T

    Sonu Atwal had been a long-time 034Motorsport customer when he picked up his latest project, a B5 Audi S4 Sedan that had been modified by the previous owner. The car already came with another company's full RS4 K04 turbocharger upgrade kit and tuning, as well as full downpipes and exhaust. Despite the existing modifications, he […]

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