034 EFI Supplementary Injector ECU OVERVIEW:
The Supplementary ECU is designed for cars running the stock fuel and ignition systems that need more fuel at high RPM or high boost levels that are beyond the stock fuel system's capabilities. It will control 1-10 injectors that will pulse according to programming. In an original turbo application, 5 additional EFI injectors were mounted, one in each runner, to supplement the stock CIS-3 fuel system.
This unit allows a very precise amount of additional fuel to be injected according to RPM and MAP Boost.

  • Operating Temperature -40 to +85° C
  • Battery Voltage Range +6.0 to +20 VDC continuous
  • Current Consumption 0.05 - 16 Amperes [@ 100% duty cycle]
  • Injector impedance 1.0-1.4, 2.0-4.0 and 12+ ohms
  • Maximum RPM 16,000
  • Injection Timing Resolution 1 microsecond to 65.535 millisecond [16 bits]
  • Communications High Speed RS-232 with STD 9 pin D interface
  • Packaging Extruded aluminum casing [4.0 L, 2.0 W, 2.0H]
  • Programming/Tuning VIA WIN95/WIN98 and RS-232 port
  • Engine Support: Phased
  • Manifold Pressure: 2.5 Bar/ATM [Provided in enclosure] up to 265 Kpa or 2.65 Bar Absolute.
  • Trigger Modes: Hall Effect Sensor (5 window factory or cam gear equipped), or ignition trigger output. 0-5 volt signal or low current 12v signal, negative coil high current trigger will damage IC and is not covered under warranty.See SIC Virtual Dashboard

    Supplementary ECU FEATURES:

    32 Bit Graphical Programming Package:
    To ensure that programming and tuning of the Supplementary ECU is as simple and pain free as possible, it has been developed as a software package that runs under 32-bit Windows programming that is both intuitive and packed full of features that power users want and need for flexibility. Each unit comes with programming software, which allows full monitoring of all sensory inputs, and allows full tuning capabilities.3 Dimensional 8 X 16 matrix Fuel Mapping:
    16RPM (X axis) points by 8 Manifold pressure (Y axis) forming an 8 X 16 matrix (128 points) allows very detailed programming of the fuel curve. The engine specific behavior can be adjusted as required to accommodate poor volumetric efficiency due to cam overlap, engine resonance, or other engine specific issues that can be attributed to a specific manifold pressure/RPM range. Many engines require little or no adjustment of the mapping parameters, while modified, high compression, or heavily cammed engines may need some work in the mapping, particularly at lower RPMs where manifold vacuum is poor or unstable.
    Sensor Power Voltage Protection:
    Since it is necessary to provide an external +5v supply to some of the external sensors, we have provided a self resetting circuit breaker that will open in the event that a +5v to ground short occurs on any of the sensor channels. This circuit also functions to save the ECU from damage, when a +12v line is accidentally connected to the +5v supply.
    Configurable RPM range:
    Supplementary ECU allows a full scale RPM range to be specified so that the user will be able to get the most possible resolution from the RPM axis in the 3D mapping.
    Configurable Rev-limiter:
    Rev-limiter can be set to any RPM within the functional range; it is a soft-touch limiter that cuts fuel to every other injector, unlike the factory all or nothing fuel cut out. Typically, the factory rev-limiters are set in the 6800RPM range, the stock rev-limiter should be disabled to set the ECU rev-limit higher than that point.
    Battery Polarity Reversal Protection:
    Should the battery be installed, or jumped incorrectly, no permanent damage will occur to the ECU.
    Power Spike Protection:
    A high current surge-arresting device has been fitted to the ECU that protects the ECU from high voltage transients such as a starter motor load dump.
    Back EMF Protection on ALL driver outputs:
    Circuitry includes protection for driving inductive loads on every driver output. The back EMF voltage is clamped to approximately +40 VDC.
    External Input Protection:
    Each of the sensor connections and external inputs have protection circuitry to prevent damage to the ECU in the event of an unplanned connection to a voltage source outside the normal operation of that channel. This is especially useful in preventing damage to the ECU from improper connections, or accidental shorts of sensory inputs to the +12v supply.

    Ordering Information

    Supplementary ECU's available online or by phone. Orders usually ship within 2 days with 10' wire leads and ecu connector with pins. This includes an internal MAP sensor, the software, a map to get you started, and all the tech support within reason.*If only 1 injector is being pulsed, a tap off the CIS distrubutor is acceptable, higher numbers of injectors may require their own fuel pump to be installed. Factory EFI fuel systems can support multiple injectors, and a tap off the fuel rail is sufficent.
    This is NOT a bolt on system, and is not smog legal. Anyone with little fabrication experience, or those who want a turn-key project car should stick with the stock CIS. Though this system is easy to program, and will result in magnificent performance, it will require a period of tuning a tweaking until the fuel curve is acceptable under varying conditions and circumstances. If you like to fabricate, like to tweek, are patient, and find enjoyment in a project well done- please contact me with any questions and we can move forward.
    Once you purchase, you can view installation instructions here