1. Motorsport Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links for BMW E9X Available Now from 034Motorsport

    Check out the Motorsport Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links! Replace your flimsy, imprecise OEM sway bar end links with 034Motorsport performance-engineered adjustable spherical end links! 034Motorsport's Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links allow for the uncompromised transfer of suspension energy and movement to the sway bar. With its adjustable length design, the […]
  2. Replacement Headlight Level Sensor Rod for E9x & F8x BMW Now Available from 034Motorsport!

      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The 034Motorsport replacement Headlight Level Sensor Rod for the E9X BMW M3 is designed to be an OE Replacement for the factory rod. This is an original equipment quality level product brought to market by 034Motorsport, this isn’t a performance upgrade but a quality OEM replacement part. This Headlight Level Sensor attaches […]
  3. Available Now: Density Line Front Control Arm Kit for BMW E9X

    The factory front control arms are an integral part of the BMW E9X chassis suspension, but can start wearing out as early as 40,000 miles - especially on enthusiast-owned vehicles which are driven hard on the street or track. As the rubber bushings degrade and ball joints develop play, alignment is compromised and steering becomes […]

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