Mk6 Golf R

  1. High Pressure Fuel Pump Piston Upgrade Kit, 2.0T FSI Now Available From 034Motorsport!

    Check out our upgraded Fuel Pump Piston upgrade! The 034Motorsport High Pressure Fuel Pump Piston Upgrade Kit is designed to be a drop-in replacement piston for the factory high pressure fuel pump for the 2.0 FSI engines in the B7 Audi A4, 8J Audi TT/TTS, Mk5 Volkswagen GTI/GLI/EOS, B6 Volkswagen Passat, and Mk6 Volkswagen Golf […]
  2. Haldex Magnetic Drain Plug Kit, Audi 8J/8P/8V/8V.5/8Y Quattro Vehicles, VW MK5/MK6Mk7/MK7.5/MK8 Vehicles Now Available from 034Motorsport!

    Check Out our Magnetic Drain Plug Kit! The 034Motorsport Haldex Magnetic Drain Plug Kit for Audi 8J/8P/8V/8V.5/8S/8Y Quattro Vehicles and Volkswagen Mk5/Mk6/Mk7/Mk7.5/Mk8 4Motion Vehicles is designed to replace the factory Haldex drain plug and fill plug. CNC-machined from billet 304 stainless steel, the Haldex Magnetic Drain Plug Kit integrates a neodymium magnet to capture minute […]
  3. Michael's Rising Blue MkVI Volkswagen Golf R

    Michael is no stranger when it comes to Volkswagen and what the German company has to offer. The passion began early on in his driving career, when he first bought a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. From there, he caught the "bug" and has continually upgraded and modernized with each following car purchase, all while retaining his alliance with […]

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