1. Samuel's Sepang Blue 8V Audi S3 with R460 Turbo Kit

    Sepang Blue Pearl has always been an eye catching color, no matter which Audi chassis the color envelopes. It's elegant, yet bold, and can transform from a subdued blue to a vibrant hue depending on the lighting and environment. It's this very characteristic of Sepang that caught Sam's eye while driving along one evening in […]
  2. Top 7 Upgrades for Your 8V Audi S3

    Are you a current or prospective owner of Audi's highly-capable 8V S3 Quattro? Maybe you don't own an S3 specifically, ┬ábut a close sibling derived from the same MQB chassis. Perhaps, you answered "No" to the above questions but still love these cars anyway, and are curious how to squeeze all of the performance possible […]

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