RS500 Turbo Kit

  1. Video: RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit Review by The Smoking Tire

    We recently had the opportunity to bring our RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit demo car down to SoCal for Matt Farah to drive for a One Take. He really enjoyed the car, and  we're looking forward to having more projects featured on video! Enjoy the One Take, and please make sure to check out The […]
  2. Sean's Audi TT RS with RS500 Turbo Kit

    The Audi TT RS's 2.5 TFSI turbocharged inline five cylinder is a fantastic engine, even in stock form. Rated at 360 crank horsepower and engineered by Audi's quattro GmBh department, it was voted the "International Engine of the Year" for six consecutive years. Despite all of the accolades and press, for some (including Sean) the factory […]

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