Motor Mount Pair, Density Line, Volkswagen & Audi MQB and MQB EVO with 2.0T TFSI

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034Motorsport is proud to introduce Density Line Performance Engine/Transmission Mounts for Volkswagen & Audi MQB and MQB EVO vehicles equipped with the 2.0T TFSI! 034Motorsport's Street Density Mounts for MQB platform vehicles deliver unmatched levels of comfort and performance. Density Line Drivetrain Mounts are engineered with performance in mind, and provide an OEM+ driving experience without sacrificing comfort. Density Line Mounts are fluid-free, and manufactured from high-durometer rubber to significantly improve performance and longevity over factory mounts. By eliminating the slop associated with the stock mounts, the Density Line Mounts reduce wheel hop, improve response, and offer a more direct, connected driving experience. We strongly recommend replacing the motor mount bolts with new stretch bolts included in the Motor Mount Hardware Kit for Audi 8V A3/S3, Audi 8S TT/TTS, and Volkswagen MkVII Golf/GTI/R.
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