Motor Mount, Street Density, B9/B9.5 Audi A4/A5

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034Motorsport Street Density Motor Mounts for the B9/B9.5 Audi A4/A5 2.0 TFSI are a performance upgrade over the factory mounts, and are a suitable OE replacement for B9/B9.5 Audi S4/S5/SQ5 3.0 TFSI and B9/B9.5 Audi RS5 2.9 TFSI. Street Density Motor Mounts are manufactured with 50 durometer rubber to limit unwanted noise and vibration transfer into the cabin. Street Density Motor Mounts are optimized void-free and fluid-free, eliminating the slop and excess movement associated with the factory mounts, resulting in improved shifting feel and driving dynamics while greatly improving long term durability and longevity. Note: This mount has two different applications that are based on engine size (Street Density for 4-cyl 2.0T FSI and OE Replacement for 6-cyl 3.0T TFSI or 2.9 TFSI). Please see the Fitment Guide tab below for application information. Sold in Pairs. Installation Effort: HOT Install Difficulty - Hot
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