Streetsport Engine/Transmission Retrofit Kit For 8P Audi A3 VR6, 8J Audi TTRS & TT VR6, And MKV Volkswagen R32

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The Motorsport Line StreetSport Motor Mount Retrofit Kit for the 8P AUDI A3 VR6, 8J AUDI TTRS & TT VR6, AND MKV VOLKSWAGEN R32 is designed to convert your existing TrackSport Motor Mounts into StreetSport Motor Mounts. These heavy-duty mounts will result in a moderate increase in noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) transfer into the cabin, as they are designed to drastically reduce engine movement compared to the factory parts, but will introduce less NVH than our TrackSport mounts due to the lower-durometer rubber used. Additional NVH is most noticeable at idle, but once the vehicle is moving, NVH is only slightly higher than stock. Installation Effort: HOT

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