Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates, 8J Audi TT/TTS/TTRS

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034Motorsport's Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates for the 8J Audi TT/TTS/TTRS are designed to significantly increase the strength and rigidity of the factory aluminum strut towers. These robust steel and aluminum reinforcement plates reduce the likelihood of deforming/damaging (or doming) the strut towers from hitting curbs like a boss. Fear the curbs no more. Drive with more confidence knowing you have increased strength and rigidity in your strut towers! Please Note: If your strut towers are already deformed/domed, then these plates cannot be safely installed. If this is the case, we recommend taking your vehicle to a body shop that is certified by Audi for aluminum repairs. Once the strut towers have been repaired, the reinforcement plates can be used.
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