034Motorsport 8S Audi TT RS Development Vehicle

034Motorsport 8S Audi TT RS Performance Development Vehicle

034Motorsport's 2018 Audi TTRS is the latest vehicle in the MQB Product Development Stable. Right away, existing 034Motorsport MQB performance upgrades were selected and verified for fitment on the TTRS to improve handling and offer a more refined driving experience.  While the drivetrain of the TTRS differs immensely from its S3 and GTI siblings, many of the suspension components carry over due to the modular and quasi-universal nature of the chassis.

 No Need To Reinvent The Wheel - Confirm Fitment of Existing Upgrades

Sure, the 8S Audi TTRS has one extra cylinder and a surge of additional power compared to the EA888 Gen 3 motors, but the underpinnings of the chassis share many similarities with the TT/TTS and A3/S3 models when it comes to rolling the car down the road. Upon delivery of the TTRS, the first step was for 034Motorsport engineers to pick components from the existing parts bin of in-house MQB performance upgrades and verify fitment.

8S Audi TTRS Product Development Vehicle

Right away, the popular 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert was found to fit the factory dogbone bushing of the TTRS. This small, but impactful upgrade transforms the driving experience by limiting engine & transmission movement under hard acceleration and during load transfers, resulting in crisper shifts and a smoother overall driving experiece. Moving toward the rear of the car, the engineers at 034Motorsport fitted the MQB Spherical Rear Trailing Arm Kit in order to gain a bit more feedback from the chassis. By replacing the OEM rubber trailing arm bushings with motorsport-grade spherical bearings, the vague, uncertain feeling is eliminated and instead, drivers gain confidence-inspiring handling predictability at the limit.

The next items confirmed to fit the TTRS were Density Line Rear Upper Adjustable Control Arms and Adjustable Rear Toe Links. The addition of both Density Line Adjustable products allow for unmatched alignment precision. Whether the TTRS sees mild freeway commuting, spirited street driving, or hard track driving, the alignment can be tailored to fit each specific driving style. Adjustable Rear Control Arms allow for positive and negative camber adjustment while the Density Line Rear Toe Links ensure the rear wheels are pointed exactly where they need to be no matter what the suspension settings are. Furthermore, the 90 Durometer Density Line bushings utilized in both products ensure longevity and minimize deflection under load while remaining civil enough for daily driving use.

Lowered MkIII Audi TTRS Hardware and Software Development Vehicle

The most recent upgrades to the 8S Audi TTRS have come as a result of identifying components with room for improvement. The biggest fault 034Motorsport has found with any MQB chassis car is the lack of front end grip at the limit. Out of this need for more grip, the Dynamic+ Camber Mounts were designed to provide an additional 1.4 Degrees of negative camber to each front wheel. Dynamic+ Camber Mounts are the perfect solution for any performance oriented dirver by offering face-melting turn-in grip, enhanced steering feel, and consistency all day long. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and featuring 75 Durometer Density Line Rubber center pucks, Dynamic+ Camber Mounts set the standard in performance top mounts with improved handling dynamics, ultimate durability, and daily driving comfort.

With the alignment dialed in, 034Motorsport Engineers turned to the drivetrain of the TTRS again to further remove slop and improve response by installing a Billet + Spherical Dogbone Mount. Extensively tested on the track, the upgraded dogbone mount replaces the factory rubber bushing with a genuine Aurora spherical bearing within a heavy duty billet aluminum body to virtually eliminate any movement from the drivetrain and result in improved shifting feel and more direct power transfer.

Power - Under Development

The 2.5TFSI in Audi's latest TTRS carries on the legacy ofthe turbocharged inline five-cylinder. While plenty potent from the factory, 034Motorsport Software Engineers always look for ways to improve upon power and more importantly, power delivery. The TTRS Product Development Vehicle is currently testing 034Motorsport's Stage 1 Tune to ensure the best possible combination of performance, drivability, and reliability will be delivered to the end user.

Stage 1 Tuned 8S Audi TTRS Product Development Vehicle


Stay Tuned!

The TTRS is the newest vehicle within the 034Motorsport Product Development fleet, and as such is undergoing constant changes due to prototyping and software beta-testing. Stay tuned to see what other Go-Fast upgrades launch from our in-house TTRS test mule!

2018 Audi TTRS | Events, Media, Press


  • Legends of the Autobahn 2017 (2nd Place | Audi Sports Class)
  • Quattro de Seca by Audi Club Golden Gate (Laguna Seca Raceway)
  • Winter Driving Event by Audi Club Golden Gate (Thunderhill Raceway)


  • Troy Sicotte

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