034Motorsport Audi 80TQ Performance Development Vehicle

034Motorsport Audi 80TQ Performance Development Vehicle

The 80TQ is where it all began. It's the birth of 034Motorsport and this single car helped thrust the company forward to where it is today. The unassuming, yet infamous, 034Motorsport 80TQ acted as the testbed for early 034EFI standalone engine management and complementary go-fast hard goods that propelled Audi 5-cylinder cars into new levels of power.

The Beginning

In the late 1990's, Audi was going through some tough times in the public eye. Stories of unintended acceleration created a PR nightmare for the brand, and as a consequence they weren't perceived as a premier German automotive manufacturer comparable to BMW and Mercedes. Not even their legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system, proven in the crucible of motorsport from the 80's, could bring customers back in the short period of time. This meant that although Audi's cars were painstakingly engineered by some of the brightest Germans and featured some cutting edge technology for the time, resale values had plummeted and not many people were buying secondhand Audis. This meant that those "daring" enough to buy an Audi would walk away with a screaming deal for a well-built car.

For Javad Shadzi, 034Motorsport Founder, it all started with a 1986 Coupe GT. This was the car that brought him in and got him hooked on the four-ringed brand. "In the late 90's , turbo swapping the 10-valve turbo out of the 5000 Quattro Turbo was all the rage" he recalls. Javad began planning a swap for his Coupe GT, but feared he would only spin the front wheels with all the added power and ultimately lusted after a true Quattro car. Thus, the decision was made and he moved on from the Coupe GT to a 1988 Audi 80 Quattro. The car was purchased with the sole intention of fitting a turbo to it and making it go fast. The 80 Quattro was Javad's first real project car, and we're not sure even he knew how far this little red car would take him.

1988 Audi 80 Quattro
The initial turbo conversion was rooted in the original idea of utilizing the "MC" turbocharged motor from an Audi 5000. The original CIS fuel system was retained in the Audi 80, and the new configuration offered a substantial increase in power to roughly 250 HP with boost at 15 PSI. Not too shabby for a little Audi 80!

The Evolution

As with any car enthusiast however, Javad found himself wanting more power and recognized the limiting factor in his existing setup was the factory CIS fuel system. In the late 90's, standalone engine management was becoming increasingly popular for tuners looking to get the most out of their cars, although this focus was limited to 4,6, or 8 cylinder configurations mostly. Recognizing a place in the market for a dedicated 5 cylinder standalone EFI, Javad took it upon himself to create something for Audi owners looking to push the envelope in power. From this, 034Motorsport was born with the inception of the 034EFI Standalone ECU.

With the 034EFI standalone ECU live, Javad had unlocked a whole new world of potential for the turbocharged 5-cylinder application. Next up, it wastime to address exhaust flow. The standard exhaust manifold had sufficed with the old turbo and fueling setup, but in the name of making more power, Javad built a long tube header for the 10V motor and swapped out the turbo in favor of a larger Garrett T3/T4 unit. These few hardware modifications, coupled with the new 034EFI engine management provided a staggering 350 HP at the wheels! To put this in perspective, this was in the early 2000's and not many cars could claim 350 WHP.

"Tuning and building the 80TQ represents a time in my life where with a car, I was able to bring my wildest tuning ideas to life. I road raced it, drag raced it, took it to the Bonneville Salt Flats, revved it to 9500 RPM, boosted it to 45 PSI, and accelerated violently in that car. Many times, the sheer speed of that car brought a tear to my eye that ran horizontally back towards my ear, the power and acceleration was so intense. I can only hope everyone gets to experience something like an 80TQ in their lifetime, and I consider myself very luck to have had such a dynamic journey with that car." - Javad Shadzi

Once the 10V motor from the Audi 5000 had been effectively maxed out, Javad continued his pursuit for more power by swapping in a 20V 7A motor. The level of effort and attention to detail in building the 80TQ to Javad's ideal specifications are second to none. After more testing, tuning, tweaking, the car went on to make over 1000 HP and remain faster than most modern supercars.

1988 Audi 80 Quattro

  The Legacy

The 80TQ represents so much beyond a single car build. Not only did it push the limits of what was thought possible for 5-cylinder Audi street cars in the early 2000's, but it also pushed the limits of what was possible for aftermarket tuning and opened up new doors for Audi enthusiasts worldwide. Javad's passion for pushing himself to find more and more power from the 80TQ led to further development of dedicated hardware for Audis and ultimately created 034Motorsport. Since then, 034Motorsport continues to provide high-quality hardware and software for Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts across the glob, and remains current with the latest models from the VAG family while continuing to support the classics.

1988 Audi 80TQ | Hardware & Software Upgrades


  • 2309cc, 83mm bore, stock 86.4mm stroke 7A crank and block (bored to 83mm from 82.5mm)
  • Port matched, flowed 7A head, 230cft at .4" lift, 28" water (stock was 188cfm). Machined for RS2 water manifold
  • O-ringed block, .005" proud, .065" 034Motorsport annealed copper head gasket with MLS, rubber coated sealing layers
  • 83mm JE pistons, 8.3:1 CR, 144mm 034Motorsport rods, ARP 2000 rod bolts, ARP headstuds and crank bearing studs
  • CAT Cams 272/264 camshaft set with 11.2mm lift, 112d lobe center
  • Custom 304 Stainless Steel 034EFI long runner header with T3 exhaust flange
  • Full 3" downpipe and exhaust system with wastegate dump open to atmosphere
  • 3B Intake manifold and throttle body
  • Custom 034Motorsport/SPEC Sintered Iron Clutch with dual spring fingers
  • 034EFI Stage IIc EFI system with direct fire (coil per cyl) ignition
  • 75# Injectors

Chassis & Drivetrain



  • 2Bennet Big Red Brake Calipers with 330mm x 32mm 2-Piece Rotors
  • 25.4mm 7A Master Cylinder
  • Vacuum Pump Removed


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