2-Piece Floating Rear Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit for Audi C8 S6/S7, D5 A8/S8, & 4M/4M.5 Q7/SQ7/Q8/SQ8

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The 034Motorsport 2-Piece Floating Rear Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit for the Audi C8 S6/S7, D5 A8/S8, & 4M/4M.5 Q7/SQ7/Q8/SQ8 is a complete replacement 350mmx28mm brake rotor kit, designed to work flawlessly with the factory rear calipers found on the Audi C8 S6/S7, D5 A8/S8, & 4M/4M.5 Q7/SQ7/Q8/SQ8. Weighing in at approximately 17.1lbs, each rotor reduces rotational weight by 3.3lbs on each corner over the factory 20.4lb rotors. While reducing weight, the rotor retains proper thermal mass in the rings to adequately capture heat, while utilizing 72 directionally curved vanes to forcefully flow cool air through the rotor to dissipate heat

Installation Effort: MEDIUM Install Difficulty - Medium
NVH Levels: None-Low
NVH Levels: None-Low

NVH is the measurement of how much noise, vibration, & harshness gets transmitted into the cabin of your vehicle. The 034Motorsport 2-Piece Brake Rotors transfer none to low amounts of noise to the cabin based on user feedback. This NVH is relative to the brake pad installed with the brake rotor. Different brake pads will have different resonances when passing over a rotor with slots, which can sometimes make a slight whirring noise. The sounds from these rotors are the direct result of the performance improvements they make to the braking. The J-slots release gas from under the brake pad, and the high-density directional aero veining in the rotors move substantial air, all resulting in more sounds of air moving. The installation of other suspension components can also affect the NVH transferred. NVH is subjective, so some users may find NVH to be increased or decreased from our rating. If you are experiencing higher than quoted NVH with this product, please email techsupport@034motorsport.com for further assistance.

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