Suspension Installation

ZTF Automotive

The Audi and Volkswagen specialists at ZTF Automotive are experts at installing aftermarket suspension components to improve your vehicle's handling and performance. We've installed it all - from lowering springs and sway bar upgrades to race-bred coilover suspension kits and spherical suspension components - and have extensive experience providing Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts with the perfect suspension setup for their daily-drivers and/or track-driven weekend toys.

We've partnered with the most innovative companies in the market - including Bilstein, Eibach, KW Suspension, H&R, Ohlins, and PSi Suspension - to complement our own line of ZTF Automotive suspension components and give our customers access to the best suspension solutions available.

Interested in Performance Suspension Installation for your Audi or Volkswagen? You can reach one of our friendly Audi/Volkswagen Service Advisors at or by using our online contact form. You can also read more about ZTF Automotive's Performance Suspension Installation Services below.

Coilover Suspension System Installation & Adjustment

Upgrading your Audi or Volkswagen with an adjustable coilover suspension system allows you to adjust ride height as desired, and most performance-oriented coilover kits will allow for compression and rebound damping adjustability to dial in the ride quality and handling characteristics of your Audi or Volkswagen.

ZTF Automotive's Coilover Suspension System Installation Service includes removal of your factory shocks and springs, installation of the new suspension system, and one complimentary ride-height adjustment. ZTF Automotive's skilled technicians follow the proper factory installation procedures and torque sequences to ensure that your new coilovers performs flawlessly with the factory multi-link suspension.

Camber Adjustable Control Arm Kit Installation

When lowering vehicles below the stock ride height, additional camber adjustability may be needed in order to get alignment back to factory specifications, and prevent uneven tire wear. ZTF Automotive proudly manufactures and installs Camber Adjustable Control Arms to provide additional camber adjustment for lowered vehicles, which helps prolong tire life and ensure proper handling.

If your vehicle requires these arms at your desired ride height, ZTF Automotive's knowledgeable Service Team will recommend the correct adjustable control arms for your application, and install them at the same time as your lowering springs or coilover suspension kit.

Sway Bar & End Link Upgrades

Sway Bar Upgrades can improve the handling of your Audi or Volkswagen by reducing body and optimizing the balance of the chassis. They're one of the best bang-for-the-buck handling modifications available, and are a must have for anyone who enjoys driving their car on the track or windy roads.

When paired with Spherical End Links to minimize deflection, Sway Bar Upgrades become even more effective and help take your car's handling to the next level. Need help choosing a Sway Bar Upgrade for your Audi or Volkswagen? Call our Local Service Department at or send us a message.

Performance Strut Mount & Camber Plate Installation

When upgrading to stiffer springs and spherical control arm kits, it's important to keep the factory strut mounts in mind. ZTF Automotive offers both Density Line Strut Mounts and Spherical Camber Plates that can be installed at the same time as the rest of your suspension upgrades, and minimize deflection at the strut mounts due to less compliant suspension and spirited driving.

Spherical Suspension Bushing Replacements

ZTF Automotive Spherical Suspension Bushings are designed to be a direct replacement for the factory rubber bushings, and eliminate any unwanted deflection in the suspension while allowing for proper articulation.

These upgrades ensure that proper suspension geometry is maintained even under extreme driving conditions, resulting in more grip and more predictable handling at the limit.

Density Line Replacement Control Arm Kits

Does your Audi or Volkswagen have lackluster steering response? Do you hear clicks and clunks when cornering or going over bumps in the road? Chances are your control arms are in need of replacement. Modern Audi and Volkswagen vehicles have a fantastic multi-link suspension from the factory, but need replacement as the rubber bushings and ball joints fail over time.

ZTF Automotive is proud to carry complete Density Line Control Arm Kits for most Audi and Volkswagen applications. These complete kits include a full set of control arms, end links and hardware needed to completely refresh the front suspension of your car. Featuring Density Line Rubber Bushings and Heavy-Duty Ball Joints, ZTF Automotive Control Arm Kits are designed to outperform and outlast the factory units.

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