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ZTF Automotive

ZTF Automotive's Service Department is the premier facility for Bay Area Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts looking for performance upgrade installation and tuning. As a tight-knit group of fellow Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts, the ZTF Automotive Service Team is dedicated to providing customers with only the best performance products, tuning, and service.

In addition to engineering and manufacturing hundreds of track-proven performance upgrades in-house, ZTF Automotive has partnered with the very best in the industry to provide a comprehensive selection of quality aftermarket components for Audi and Volkswagen. Whether you're looking for something as simple as a high-performance air intake, or are in search of a racing-derived coilover suspension system, we have you covered!

In need of Performance Upgrade Installation for your Audi or Volkswagen? You can reach one of our friendly Audi/Volkswagen Service Advisors at or by using our online contact form. You can also read more about ZTF Automotive's Performance Upgrade & Installation Services below.

Cold Air Intake System Installation for Audi/Volkswagen

In addition to manufacturing our own line of high-performance carbon fiber air intakes, we carry a wide selection of aftermarket cold air intake systems to maximize the performance potential of your Audi or Volkswagen. Aside from gains in horsepower and torque, a performance cold air intake system will improve throttle response and increase induction sound to provide you with an optimal driving experience.

Want to learn more about Cold Air Intake Systems for Audi & Volkswagen? Check out our development blog post about the design, testing, and manufacturing of the ZTF Automotive Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Air Intake.

Performance Exhaust System Installation for Audi/Volkswagen

Whether you're looking for increased sound or improved performance, a performance exhaust system is an excellent place to start. ZTF Automotive offers a large selection of performance exhaust systems for Audi and Volkswagen, which replace the restrictive factory exhaust system to help your engine breathe easier and produce a more aggresive, sporty exhaust note.

We are proud to offer performance exhaust systems and upgrades from ZTF Automotive, AWE Tuning, Corsa Performance, and Milltek. Feel free to contact us to receive a quote including installation.

Coilover Suspension & Lowering Spring Installation for Audi/Volkswagen

ZTF Automotive's factory-trained technicians are highly skilled at installing aftermarket suspension components to improve your vehicle's handling and performance. We've installed it all - from lowering springs and sway bar upgrades to race-bred coilover suspension kits and spherical suspension components - and have extensive experience setting up Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts with the perfect suspension setup for their daily-drivers and/or track-driven weekend toys.

In order to provide complete suspension solutions to our customers, we've partnered with the most innovative companies in the market - including Bilstein, Eibach, KW Suspension, H&R, Ohlins, and PSi Suspension - to complement our own line of ZTF Automotive suspension components.

Turbo Kit Installation & Upgrades for Audi/Volkswagen

Looking for more power? You've come to the right place! ZTF Automotive has been developing and installing Audi and Volkswagen turbo upgrade kits for over a decade. We offer a wide range of turbocharger upgrade for most platforms, ranging from OEM+ K04 turbo kits to full-on Stage 3+ and Single Turbo Conversion Kits.

The ZTF Automotive Service Team can suggest an ideal turbo setup for your vehicle based on your budget, power goals, and driving style. In addition, most ZTF Automotive Turbo Kits are available with specific calibrations for various fuel types - from 91 to 104 and E85 - to ensure you're making the most of your hardware configuration.

ZTF Automotive Turbocharger Upgrade Kit Installation can include before-and-after dyno comparisons on our in-house Mustang AWD Dynamometer.

Performance Drivetrain Mount Upgrades for Audi/Volkswagen

Drivetrain Mount Upgrades are often overlooked by owners of modified cars, but they are a critical piece of the puzzle when increasing power output or driving your car spiritedly. Upgrading the factory engine, transmission, and differential mounts with ZTF Automotive's Performance Drivetrain Mounts eliminates unwanted drivetrain slop, and ensures that you're experiencing crisper shifts, harder launches, and an improved driving experience. 

ZTF Automotive offers a comprehensive collection of drivetrain mount upgrades to suit your needs, including Billet Aluminum Drivetrain Mount Inserts, Density Line Mounts, and Motorsport-Spec Mount Solutions. In addition to providing performance improvements, ZTF Automotive's mount upgrades are designed to outlast the factory mounts - especially when you've increased the power output of your car.

Performance Software & Tuning for Audi & Volkswagen

Many companies burn, sell, and install chips with no ability or understanding to actually tune or optimize the ECU mapping. At ZTF Automotive, we have full access to Motronic tuning maps, with countless hours spent cracking and testing code. In addition to a full line of ZTF Automotive Performance Software for ME5, ME7, and MED9 equipped Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen vehicles, we also offer custom dyno tuning for your vehicle's factory ECU.

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