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The Q5 didn’t exactly rock the SUV world when it came out, a mild mannered and lifted version of the A4, it didn’t inspire as a mature sex symbol that knew what it wanted and when. When the SQ5 came out it got more notice, but it was still growing into it’s skin. It had the power under the hood, but it didn’t quite know how to use it, or how much potential it really had. Once 034Motorsport took notice of the SQ5, we looked deep into it’s eyes, and saw it for what it really was - a sexy, grown up, wise and experienced bad ass with lots of snacks in it’s trunk, and the SQ5 MILF was born!

You may think you know the SQ5, but get inside it and take it for a spin, tap that throttle, shuffle that wide-rim steering wheel and hang on for the ride of your life. You may think you’re the one having all the fun in an SQ5, but rest assured, the MILF knows what it loves and always gets what it wants.

Celebrate the mature, sexy, beautiful, capable and roomy Audi in your life, with our SQ5 Line Art shirt