The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ AL551 ZF8 TCU Tune is Now Available! Dynamic+ Tuning for the AL551 ZF8 safely and effectively optimize its operation for Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 2+ Dynamic+ Performance ECU Software. The result is a noticeable improvement in acceleration without sacrificing comfort or reliability.

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If you currently own the 034Motorsport Beta ZF8 tune, this is a FREE upgrade to your tune. Simply log into your End User Flashing Portal and select the latest revision and click flash! If this file is not yet available, we are likely still in process of building out your specific box code. If your file is not available by 12/28, please email
While the AL551 Dynamic+ TCU Tune has support for Advanced Launch Control, both the ECU & TCU tunes will be needed to support this. Many of our staff are currently on holiday and we wanted to get the TCU tune out so our customers could enjoy and experience the improved drivability and increased performance.
The current ETA of ECU Support on Advanced Launch Control for the B8 Q5/SQ5 & C7 A6/A7 is 3-4 weeks.
Increased Maximum Shift Point:
With accompanying 034Motorsport ECU tuning, the maximum RPM before shifting is raised from the factory 6,300RPM to 7,200RPM, significantly increasing the ability to maximize the performance of your supercharged V6!
Improved Shift Speeds:
To further enhance the drivability of your Audi, the shift times are dramatically decreased in all driving modes, which ultimately results in quicker acceleration.
Optimized Launch Control:
Torque converter stall during launch control has been raised to allow for a higher launch RPM, maximizing the performance of your supercharged V6 at the drag strip!
Advanced Launch Control Compatibility:
Alongside the standard launch control, the Dynamic+ AL551 TCU Tune is compatible with Advanced Launch Control, found on all 034Motorsport Supercharged 3.0T ECU Tunes (Non-CREC).
Advanced Launch Control on AL551 Equipped vehicles adds:
Adjustable Launch RPM via Cruise Control Stalk
Limited to Maximum Torque Converter Stall RPM
Adjustable Launch Load via Throttle Pedal
Maximize available traction by launching by changing the pedal angle while staging! For maximum load, floor it!
Cooling Fans & Auxiliary Supercharger Coolant Pump at 100% below 10kph
With the cruise control stalk in the ON position, the cooling fans and auxiliary supercharger coolant pump will run at 100% duty cycle to minimize heat soak and reduce charge air temps in preparation for your next run down the strip! Once beyond 10kph, the cooling fans and auxiliary pump resume regular operation.
Soft Cut and Ignition Cut Style Launch Control
Depending on the ECU file you are running, launch control RPMs will be limited by our Fuel Cut Launch Strategy or our Ignition Cut Strategy. Ignition Cut Launch Control is only available on Test-Pipe files for Sanctioned Racing Use Only.
As with any automatic transmission vehicle, the ECU and TCU computers work synchronously to properly apply torque to the vehicle's drivetrain in a safe and reliable manner. Within both the ECU and TCU, there are factory safety tables that limit overall torque output based upon what the factory first tuned the car for. The ECU reports the output of torque from the engine to the TCU, and the TCU decides if this is suitable, or too much. If it is too much, the TCU will command the ECU to reduce torque output based upon its safety tables.
034Motorsport takes a holistic approach with its Dynamic+ Tuning, and aims to retain as many OEM safety protocols as possible. While it is possible to tune around the factory TCU torque limiters from the ECU side, this is done at the expense of torque safety features that are integral in keeping your transmission running safely. 034Motorsport’s calibrators tune the ECU to work with the TCU to provide accurate torque values, and recalibrate the appropriate safety ranges for the TCU. Taking these extra steps to retain OEM safety systems on the ECU and TCU side is just one of the many reasons that Dynamic+ software provides substantial yet reliable performance increases.