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B8 S4 Tuned by 034Motorsport sets World Record for ET and Trap Speed: 10.2@135MPH

We at 034Motorsport want to extend a huge congratulations to our customer Matt Tremblay over in Toronto for setting the fastest 1/4 mile time and trap speed ever run for the B8/8.5 S4 platform, with a blisteringly quick 10.216 @ 134.97. These runs were backed up with a 10.255 @ 134.50 and 10.233 @ 135.01. Drag racing is a cornerstone of 034's beginning, and it's great to see our customers enjoying it too!

To help cut down on weight, Matt was able to test and retrofit our Billet Surge Tank built for the DAZA 2.5t platform. It proved to help Matt run as he was able to run with a 1/4 tank of fuel versus a 3/4 tank without any hard fuel cuts.
With the use of 034Motorsport's Advanced Launch Control, Matt was able to dial in his launch RPM, allowing him to cut a consistent and low 60ft of 1.45 on all three runs.



  • 034Motorsport E40 80mm Throttle Body File
  • 034Motorsport DL501 TCU Tune with Advanced Launch Control
  • Ki 194/cts 57mm pulleys
  • New Merc Racing larger hx for s4/s5
  • Aem meth kit 1000cc nozzle
  • Can auto performance testpipes
  • Intergraded engineering hpfp
  • S4matty ported charger
  • Ported APR Ultracharger
  • Stock modded intake box
  • Stock dp's and cat back
  • 034Motorsport Engine Mounts, Tranny Mount, Diff inserts, Subframe inserts
  • 034Motorsport Development Fuel Surge Tank
  • Kw h.a.s coilovers
  • Seats out, door cards out, door speakers out
  • Front seat belts out, aluminum race seat in.
  • 5lb lightweight battery
  • E50 fuel with pump 94
  • Stock lpfp
  • 17x8 fast fc04 wheels 17lbs
  • 245/45/17 Hoosier dr2's


Track Conditions:

  • DA: 132ft
  • Track Elevation: 106 feet above sea level
  • Air Temperature: 15 degrees c
  • Barometric Pressure: 30.28 inches Hg
  • Relative Humidity: 46%


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