When we first saw Curt's car at a Sear's Point ALMS race parked in the Audi corral, we just knew we HAD to work on this car. It was an immaculate Sport Quattro conversion, an original Audi Quattro, cut in half and welded back together some 14" the lesser. The Carbon Kevlar body panels are beautifully finished, even the doors are composite, the car weighs well under 2500lbs soaking wet.

Many conversion cars like this have had the corners cut, they look good from 30 feet back, but up close the hacks jump out and hit you, but no Curt's car, its literally been tediously gone over, down to the custom cast valve cover, how cool!

Fortunately, Curt was looking for more than the aging CIS engine management system could give him, including the ancient K26 turbo. What a combination, timeless good looks with the latest technology powering it underneath. The 10v turbo motor didn't know what hit it, soon on a 100 octane map with only 23psi boost it was pushing out 250whp, as much as what a 2.7T makes from the factory at the crank. The car runs as good as it looks and we feel very fortunate to have worked on such a rare, tenderly built and beautiful car.

This vehicle features the following parts from 034Motorsport: