034Motorsport is proud to announce another revolutionary addition to its Dynamic+ Tuning feature set with the launch of the all-new 034SPI (Smartphone Interface) Mobile Flashing application!

Designed for use on iPhone/iOS and Android Devices as well as Apple Silicon-equipped laptops (M1, M2, M3), 034SPI allows you to easily flash your car, change fuel maps, configure live data displays, record and submit data logs to 034Motorsport's Tuning Support team, and utilize diagnostic support tools such as DTC/CEL code read/clear and more! Available now for use with any Dynamic+ ECU or TCU tune and the latest Dynamic+ End User Flashing Dongle (May 2023 & Newer)! Flashing Dongle Upgrade Program Details Below.

Application Features

Wireless Mobile ECU & TCU Flashing

034SPI allows you to tune your VW or Audi with Dynamic+ ECU and TCU tuning anywhere you please! Using the latest generation of the Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit and your Dynamic+ Login Credentials, you can connect via Bluetooth to the flashing dongle to upload your desired tune file straight from your phone, tablet, or Apple Silicon-equipped laptops (M1, M2, M3) 

Detailed Flashing Features:

  • Complete Any ECU Or TCU Tune flash
  • Quickly Flash Different Fuel Octane Or Transmission Files 
  • Flash ECU/TCU Using Mobile Device's Internet Connection
  • Enhanced Flashing Protocol Protections For Increased Flashing Stability

034Motorsport software developers spent hundreds of hours developing and bolstering the flashing protocols of 034SPI to ensure that files are flashed wirelessly are done so as safely as possible. Utilizing onboard storage in the phone and dongle themselves, 034SPI stores the tune data to each device prior to starting the flash and segments the flashing procedure into safe blocks to ensure that Bluetooth or internet disconnection during flashing minimizes the chances of an unsuccessful flashing of the ECU or TCU.

Live Data Displays & Mobile Datalogging

Monitoring various performance parameters of your VW or Audi has never been easier with the Live Data Display and Mobile Datalogging features of the 034SPI App!

The 034SPI app allows users to configure up to 3 pages worth of dial, graph, and text data displays to view real-time performance data of their drivetrain! Users can select from dozens of defined variables such as Boost, Lambda, Ignition Timing, Knock, IATs, and many more!

For those looking to record this data for further diagnostic review, 034SPI also offers mobile datalogging! Using predefined logging definitions, 034SPI will record datalogs directly to the application and allow for seamless uploading of them to the 034Motorsport server for our tuning team to view and advise. Users will receive an email from one of our tuning support agents with the datalog attached to go over the contents of the file and assist with any diagnostic needs you may desire, all at no additional charge!

Easter Egg: Open settings in 034SPI to enable "Launch Data View on Startup" to have the live data page open immediately after connecting to the car!

Detailed Live Data & Datalogging Features:

  • User-Configurable Live Data Displays
  • Multiple Display Types
    • Dial Gauge
    • Live Line Graph
    • Data List
    • More Coming Soon!
  • Dozens Of Defined Variables Available
  • High-Speed Data Logging Of Pre-Defined Variables
  • Easy Upload Of Logs To 034Motorsport Server
  • Data Log Analysis Services Available Free Of Charge

Diagnostic Tools

Using the 034SPI app, you can now read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), monitor emissions readiness, and available on limited platforms, perform diagnostic adaptations or recalibrations of various drivetrain components!

Under the diagnostic bar, users will be able to scan for and clear any active or passive DTCs. 034SPI does an initial code scan upon startup, and if DTCs are found, a hazard triangle will pop up next to the specific controller that has an active DTC, notifying the user to visit the diagnostics window for further information. 

If you have an active or passive DTC listed, do not hesitate to email tuning@034motorsport.com for diagnostic assistance and support steps!

Detailed Diagnostic Tool Features:

  • Read & Clear DTCs On ECU & TCU
  • View Emissions Monitor Statuses
  • Perform Adaptations/Recalibrations*
    • Throttle Body Adaptation
    • Fuel Tank Drain
    • *Available for limited platforms, coverage expanding regularly

034SPI How-To Youtube Series

Watch our 034SPI How-To series on the 034Motorsport Youtube channel to see all of the features above demo'd as well as initial setup assistance!

034SPI How-To YouTube Series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKwTAE_zCrWrDuXgmgjViipezJoGhAKeZ&si=hBTMd9L8xk8nUZWq

End User Flashing Kit Compatibility & Flashing Kit Upgrade Program

034Motorsport software engineers have been preparing for the release of 034SPI for years, and have worked to integrate wireless connectivity features to the End User Flashing Kits even prior to the release of the app. However, at that time, the internal chipset of the flashing kits was produced by a 3rd party to their specifications.

During the development of the application, it became clear that the outdated technology within the older 3rd party chipsets was not going to be sufficient for safe and stable wireless flashing, so 034Motorsport software and hardware engineers developed and produced a bespoke Dongle using the latest and greatest chipsets available to ensure a fast and stable connection between mobile devices and the Dongle during flashing, datalogging, and general use of the application. 

The new generation of Dynamic+ Flashing Kits was rolled out in May of 2023, and can be identified by its USB-C plug and flush-mounted indicator lights (see image above). Thousands of these kits have already been sold, and are compatible with 034SPI. If you have the new version of the flashing kit, you are ready to use the app!

If you have the older generation of Dynamic+ Flashing Kit (with the raised indicator light and USB-B connector), you will need to purchase the new generation of flashing kit to utilize 034SPI. THE OLDER GENERATION FLASHING KIT WILL STILL WORK FOR THE WINDOWS PC-BASED FLASHING CLIENT.

End User Flashing Kit Upgrade Discount

If you own the older generation of Dynamic+ Flashing Kit and would like to upgrade to the new generation to use 034SPI, we are offering a significant discount. Please email sales@034motorsport.com with a receipt/proof of purchase of the old generation flashing kit to receive a discounted quote of $89 for a new generation Dynamic+ Flashing Kit. Note: supplies are temporarily limited, so fulfillment of a discounted upgrade order may be delayed until early December, pending inventory.

Discounted Flashing Kit Upgrade Contact:

Start an Email to Sales@034Motorsport.com

What makes Dynamic+ Tuning Different?

While many tuners can achieve great power figures that look impressive on a dyno sheet or a webpage, the key to a truly substantive and transformative software upgrade lies in the strategies employed to make power efficiently and safely. 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Software strives to retain as many OEM safety protocols as possible, and holistically recalibrate the entirety of the ECU and TCU to create what we call the Dynamic+ experience. 

034Motorsport engineers develop special in-house tools that allow us to access the firmware and maps inside the factory ECU. This level of engineering is required to prevent workarounds and bandaids that many aftermarket companies resort to. 034Motorsport optimizes the ECU calibrations just like Audi engineers would, accessing the source of how the ECU controls the engine and making changes at the base level.

This is the ONLY way 034Motorsport can ensure our calibrations meet our industry-leading standards for delivering ultimate power with unrivaled drivability, uncompromised reliability, and enhanced features and functionality beyond what is provided in the factory calibration.

Learn more about the Dynamic+ differences offered by our tuning by visiting www.034motorsport.com/dynamic-plus-performance-software-audi-volkswagen-tuning