At the core of 034Motorsport lies our passion for engineering products that elevate Audis and Volkswagens to outperform what was possible from the factory. In an effort to show that 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning is capable of immense performance and reliability, we put rubber to the road (and track) to show what our tuning can do with the help of the OEM+ Continental Turbo setup from the MK8 Volkswagen Golf R and Stage 3R tuning calibration.

In its most recent outing, the 034Motorsport Development MK8 GTI was able to run a 11.61 at 123mph, setting a new World Record powered by Dynamic+ Stage 3R Tuning Software. This incredible achievement shows the devotion and development 034Motorsport has for the MQB-Evo platform.

While attending this drag racing outing equipped with the Stage 3R setup, the 034Motorsport Calibration Team observed even more opportunities to unlock further performance in acceleration for higher-grip scenarios, and has already begun testing further enhancements that will trickle down to lower stages of files as well. This testing provides real-world data and is a critical component of the testing 034Motorsport completes as a part of Dynamic+ Tune Refinement. Our journey into the MQB-Evo platform has just begun and we look forward to pushing the limits and boundaries of what was thought to be possible with the performance of these transverse-engine powered cars.

TIME: 11.61 @ 123.15MPH


  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3R ECU Tune (E85)
  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3 TCU Tune
  • OE VAG Continental Golf R/S3 Turbocharger
  • 034Motorsport S34 Carbon Fiber Intake
  • 034Motorsport Turbo Inlet
  • 034Motorsport Stainless Steel Racing Catalysts
  • Wagner Competition Intercooler 
  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Lowering Springs (Prototype)
  • 034Motorsport Street Density Engine & Transmission Mounts
  • 034Motorsport Dogbone Arm & Billet Inserts
  • 034Motorsport Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit
  • 034Motorsport ZTF-R01 18x8.5 et45 Rear Wheels 255/35/R18 PS4S
  • Enkei RPF1 17x8 with 225/40/R17 Hoosier DR2 DOT Tires
  • ~210lbs of Weight Reduction
  • —Passenger Seat, Back Seat, Trunk Contents, Rear and Center Mufflers Removed

034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning for the EA888.4 2.0T Engine in the MK8 GTI delivers the best experience of smooth drivability, perfect function, reliability, and added functionality and features beyond what the factory programming can provide. 034Motorsport’s Hardware and Software engineers are dedicated to pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the MQB-Evo platform including MK8 VW GTI & R and 8Y Audi S3 and have done just that with every Hardware and Software product we sell.

During the development of Stage 3R , multiple sensors were installed to refine our calibrations on the GTI at these higher outputs and adjust internal ECU models to match the performance of the Golf R Continental Turbocharger properly. Precise measurements of EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperatures), as well as pre- & post-turbocharger pressure were used to ensure the maximum performance of Stage 3R without compromising the safety of the EA888.4 engine or turbocharger.

This level of engineering is required to prevent workarounds and bandaids that many aftermarket companies resort to. 034Motorsport optimizes the ECU calibrations just like VW engineers would, accessing the source of how the ECU controls the engine and making changes at the base level.

The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning Suite for the EA888.4 powered MK8 GTI  was developed entirely in-house at 034Motorsport by our world-class calibrators with a combined 100+ years of experience. When developing our tuning for the EA888, we implemented key safety features to keep your engine running optimally and safely in virtually any condition - just like the OEM calibration. These are then verified by us on track through multiple high-temperature track events with our vehicles. This keeps the engine in your car happy and safe, providing consistent and repeatable power. Our Dynamic+ Tuning safely supports Stage 1 (Stock Hardware), Stage 2 (Upgraded Catalyst), and Stage 3 (Upgraded Turbos), which is available for the Continental Golf R Turbocharger and in development for the Garrett Powermax Turbocharger.

Questions about any 034Motorsport Software or Hardware products? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team at!