Brisk Racing 2MOER10S Silver Spark Plug

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The Brisk Racing 2MOER10S spark plugs are high-performance spark plugs that are ideal for cars with performance software upgrades and/or turbocharger upgrade kits running increased boost pressure. These racing silver spark plugs will outperform the factory spark plugs and are a recommended performance upgrade for the Audi B9 S4, S5, RS5, & SQ5 powered by the EA839 engine, as well as other high-performance BMW setups.

Previously, Brisk recommended the 2MOR10S spark plug for these vehicles, however, they had less-than-ideal service intervals at the highest output levels. Brisk has since designed and released the 2MOER10S, which has increased cooling performance that has substantially increased service life. 034Motorsport has extensively tested these plugs on stock turbo and hybrid turbo vehicles and found them to perform great with our accompanying software.

NOTE: Verify Plug Gap is between .023-.025 before installing, as these plugs do not come pre-gapped. We recommend that plug gap range for B9 2.9T & 3.0T Equipped Vehicles. Before installation, make sure that the terminal nut is tight.

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