Supertech Valve Spring & Titanium Retainer Set, Volkswagen FSI & TSI 2.0T Engines

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The Supertech Performance Valve Spring & Retainer Set is designed for those looking to improve the powerband of their 2.0T FSI or TSI engine past 7,500 RPM, safely. This kit takes a two pronged approach by increasing the spring rates meanwhile reducing the mass of the retainer, by using titanium. The use of titanium provides an adequate fatigue life to be acceptable for all but the highest mileage street use. In addition, the retainer allows a longer spring to further prevent coil bind and allow camshafts with higher lift than factory.

These will allow usage up to 8,000 RPM although we have used them for occasional use to 8,500 RPM on hydraulic lifters. More RPM is possible by converting to solid lifter buckets as there is plenty of spring rate, upgraded rods should be considered when revving over 8000 RPM as well.

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