Instructions shown for MkV Volkswagen GTI 2.0T FSI. Installation may vary slightly depending on exact model.
1)      Raise your vehicle securely using a lift or jackstands.

2)      Unbolt the exhaust hanger from the subframe.

3)      Locate the 12 bolts securing the subframe (circled in blue), and the 2 bolts attaching the dogbone (circled in red). Loosen the bolts and remove the subframe and dogbone from the vehicle.

4)      You should now be looking at this:

5)      Remove the bolt going through the dogbone mount in the subframe.

6)      Pry out the bottom mount. If the mount is pressed in very tightly, making 1 cut in the side wall of the mount to make it easier to remove.  A saw blade can be used to do this; the plastic is soft and easy to cut.

7)      Press out the top mount. It will be much easier to remove with the extra room, you can use a screw driver or drift to slowly tap it out.

8)      Here is a comparison shot of the 034Motorsport Density Line mount (left) and the OE part (right). Notice that all of the voids are filled with high durometer rubber on the 034Motorsport mount, allowing for minimal movement/deflection.

9)      Mark the mounts and the subframe so that the recess in the mounts corresponds with the hole for the dogbone in the subframe.  It’s important to align the bushings so they go in with the correct orientation.

10)  Press in the new mounts, being careful not to pinch the plastic casing.  Take extra care around the area of the mount with the void, since the mount is plastic this part can “squish” out during the pressing process.  Go slow ensure the voided area is actually going inside the bore, if it apprears that area is seizing, further pressing will ruin the mount, a little extra pressure can be applied to that spot while simultaneously pressing to ensure it goes inside.

11)  Reinstall the dogbone into the subframe, reinstall dogbone bolt.

12)  Reinstall the subframe and dogbone, and tighten all bolts.  Enjoy your securely mounted motor and faster power transfer to the tires!