Congratulations to our 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Hardware & Software Dealer, DNT Performance of Laval, Quebec CA, for running some of the quickest and fastest times of any B9/B9.5 Audi on the planet:

9.992 @ 140.22mph
9.961 @ 143.04mph
9.893 @ 142.15mph

We at 034Motorsport want to extend a huge congratulations to our dealer DNT Performance in Quebec at Napierville Dragway for setting some of the fastest 1/4 mile time ever run for the B9 3.0T platform, with a 9.89 at 142.15MPH. This time was then backed up by two other 9.9 second passes to show the consistent performance of Dynamic+ Tuning! Drag racing is a cornerstone of 034's beginning, and we love to see our customers hit the track and show what they can do with the power of Dynamic+ tuning, pushing the envelope of the platform!


  • Dynamic+ Stage 3 E60-E70 ECU
  • Dynamic+ Stage 3 TCU
  • TTE810 Turbocharger
  • 034 SüperDüper Inlet + P34 Intake
  • 034 HPFP
  • 034 High Flow Catalyst
  • Upgraded Intercooler
  • RS5 Injectors
  • 4-Bar Map Sensors
  • Full Factory Suspension
  • 18” Wheels with 245/40/18 DR2
  • Full Factory Exhaust System
  • Removed Passenger & Rear Seat, Removed Spare Tire