We at 034Motorsport want to extend a huge congratulations to our customer David Musiyenko in Woodburn Dragstrip at Pacific Waterland for setting the fastest 1/4 mile time ever run for the B9/B9.5 SQ5 3.0T platform, with a 10.134 at 135.21MPH. Drag racing is a cornerstone of 034's beginning, and we love to see our customers hit the track and show what they can do with the power of Dynamic+ tuning, pushing the envelope of the platform!


  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3+ ECU E60-E70
  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3 TCU
  • TTE810 Turbocharger
  • 034Motorsport S34 Intake System
  • 034Motorsport SüperDüper Turbo Inlet
  • Upgraded Charge Pipes
  • Upgraded Intercooler
  • Catless Downpipe
  • Upgraded HPFP
  • Upgraded RS6 Injectors
  • TTE 4-Bar MAP Sensors
  • 034Motorsport Strut Brace
  • 034Motorsport Density Line Motor Mounts
  • 034Motorsport Sway Bars & End Links
  • 034Motorsport Subframe Inserts
  • 034Motorsport Differential Inserts
  • 034Motorsport 2-Piece Rotors
  • JXB Driveshaft Brace
  • KW V3 Coilovers
  • FastWheels FC04 17x8.5
  • Hoosier DR2 245/45/17

Weight Reduction:

  • Carbon Fiber Seat = 12lbs
  • 034 2-Piece Rotors = -25lbs
  • Door Cards= -40lbs
  • Driver/Pass Seat= -120lbs
  • Rear Seats= -120lbs
  • Trunk Components= -30lbs
  • Total Weight w/ Driver: 4200lbs

Track Conditions:

  • Density Altitude: 1852ft
  • Track Elevation: 177.2ft
  • Temperature: 80 Degrees F
  • Humidity: 42%
  • Barometer: 29.86 Hg
  • Air Density: 94.701%
  • Source: https://airdensityonline.com/track-history/Woodburn_Dragstrip/2023-09-10/

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