The following is an instruction guide for installing our High Output Fuel Pump Kit in the late Mk2 VW cars with Digifant Injection.  Before installing, ensure your pump has the narrow 45mm fuel pump (not 60mm)
These are the parts included with the kit:

  • High Output Fuel Pump
  • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • 8mm" fuel pump outlet fitting
  • Terminated ring terminals with crimp ferrules and heat shrink tubing
  • 8mm high pressure fuel injection hose with clamps


Start by removing the stock pump, set aside the stock rubber o-ring and plastic strainer basket (pictured below)
Carefully grind the lip off the plastic basket so it can slide deeper into the fuel box
Picture of the basket partially ground below:

Basket fully ground below. How it should look when you are finished:

At this point you can cut the stock electrical connector off and splice in the new terminated ring terminals.  We recommend using a crimp tool to make this connection, however soldering can be used as well.  Remember, the brown wires are the ground or ( -) terminal.
This is what your fuel pump assembly should look like prior to installing:

Install the billet aluminum bracket around the pump but do not tighten the allen bolt just yet.  Side the plastic basket on the bottom of the pump, and slide the whole assembly inside the plastic fuel box until it bottoms out.   At this point tighten the allen bolt pinch clamp around the fuel pump, and replace the 3 screws that secure the pump into the housing.  In some cases the heads of the screws may be larger than spec, in which case you'll need to remove a small amount of material around the OD of the screw head to clear the aluminum pinch bracket.  Tighten down the fuel pump until the o-ring seats and seals.
Not remove the stock fuel pressure hose and replace with the hose we supply, attach the ring terminals (using the correct polarity!) and you are good to go!  If you do it right, it will look like the picture below.  Enjoy your new found horsepower potential!