The 034Motorsport Intercooler System is designed to replace the factory, insufficiently sized intercooler in EA888 1.8T & 2.0T equipped MQB Volkswagens & Audis. The 034Motorsport Intercooler System was designed utilizing CAD and CFD software to optimize the high-speed core and cast end tanks to ensure excellent cooling properties and provide the engine with cooler, dense air for maximum performance potential.


When it comes to intercoolers, bigger is not always better. Pressure drop is the difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet of the intercooler system. Larger volume intercooler systems typically have minimal pressure drop, take longer to pressurize due to the volume, and have much higher thermal capacity. With a lower volume intercooler, pressurization is fast, the pressure drop is higher, and the cooling capacity is also reduced.

034Motorsport optimized the pressure drop to create maximum flow but maintain high thermal efficiency, and the result is higher boost pressure before and after the intercooler.


The 034Motorsport Intercooler strikes the optimal balance between pressurization volume, thermal capacity, and pressure drop to offer one of the most efficient intercoolers on the market. The 034Motorsport Intercooler System utilizes a 24.6” x 16.25” x 2.0” core which is 63% larger than the GTI intercooler and 51% larger than the Golf R intercooler, resulting in cooler, denser air making its way into the engine regardless of outdoor temperatures. It could have been bigger, but then the time to pressurize the core would be longer which creates unnecessary lag.


Intercooler cores are designed with two methods; tube and fin or bar and plate. Tube and fin intercoolers utilize lightweight and efficient construction with less material, which can shed heat faster with street, spirited, and track driving. Because intercoolers are placed on the front of the car, tube, and fin intercoolers also allow for the weight over the nose to be significantly lower than if utilizing a bar and plate intercooler, by up to 30lbs or more.

Bar and plate intercoolers are typically 2-3x heavier, have a higher pressure drop, and have a much higher thermal capacity, though they cannot shed heat as quickly as a tube and fin intercooler due to their mass. Because of this, bar and plate intercoolers will typically have a much higher average temperature over time than the tube and fin, which is not ideal for sustained loads during spirited or track driving.

The 034Motorsport Intercooler System is engineered with a tube and fin design, like virtually all professional race cars. Combined with the optimal volume and pressure drop, the 034Motorsport Intercooler System is excellent for street, spirited, and track driving alike - providing owners with continuous power without the risk of heat soak. The 034Motorsport Intercooler System is optimized for all vehicles such as those with stock power, stage 1 or 2 tunes, and hybrid turbo systems on the market.


  • 034Motorsport's Transverse 1.8 & 2.0 TSI Intercooler Utilizes a 24.6” x 16.25” x 2.0” Core, Providing a Larger Frontal Area and More Capacity Compared to the Factory Intercooler.
    • 63% Increase in Volume Over Mk7 GTI
    • 51% Increase in Volume Over Mk7 Golf R/8V S3
  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks with a Tube and Fin Core Results in Excellent Performance While Maintaining a Lightweight Construction of Only 17.6 Pounds.
  • Optimized Utilizing CAD Software and CFD, The High-Speed Core and Cast Aluminum End Tanks Give This Intercooler Excellent Cooling Properties.
  • Flow Analysis and Simulations Were Created to Optimize the Design.
  • Proven Performance Gains
  • Lowers Intake temperatures, Without Sacrificing Much Airflow to the Radiator.
  • Compatible With Replacement Upgraded Radiators
  • Relatively Simple Installation
  • Easy as Replacing the Factory Intercooler.

NOTE: Trimming of the radiator support is required to fit this intercooler. A similar amount of trimming to the other aftermarket intercoolers on the market.