Res-X Resonator Delete, Audi C8 RS6/RS7 4.0TT

The 034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete for the Audi C8 RS6/RS7 4.0TT unleashes a throaty growl under hard acceleration that exudes performance and warns bystanders that this isn't your average Audi. The new aggressive exhaust note is accomplished by removing the dual bottle resonators and replacing them with the ready-to-install 034Motorsport Res-X High-Flow Midpipes.

No welding is required. This is a true bolt-in exhaust upgrade that eliminates the factory bottle resonators for a deeper exhaust growl. Enjoy a more aggressive exhaust note with no noticeable drone or NVH inside the cabin at a fraction of the cost of more expensive cat-back systems.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction with OE Style Heat Isolation Barrier
  • Titanium Look Finish
  • Sound of a Full Exhaust for a Fraction of the Price
  • Deeper, Aggressive Exhaust Note
  • No Added Drone Inside the Cabin
  • Lighter Than Factory Resonators
  • Completely Reversible Installation


  • Left Res-X Resonator Delete Pipe
  • Right Res-X Resonator Delete Pipe

NOTE: Replacement installation hardware is not included. You can reuse your existing hardware or purchase new installation hardware at an Audi dealership OR through our website.

Res-X Resonator Delete Installation Hardware Kit, Audi C8 RS6/RS7 4.0TT

This Res-X Resonator Delete Installation Hardware Kit for the C8 Audi RS6/RS7 contains everything you need when installing the 034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Deletes on the RS6 or RS7.


  • (2x) VAG-8W0253115D, OE Exhaust Gasket
  • (6x) VAG-N91130802, Flanged, Distorted Thread Nut