1. Available Now: Streetsport Engine/Transmission Retrofit Kit for 8P Audi VR6, 8J Audi TTRS & TT VR6, and MKV Volkswagen R32

    Product Description: The Motorsport Line StreetSport Motor Mount Retrofit Kit for the 8P AUDI A3 VR6, 8J AUDI TTRS & TT VR6, AND MKV VOLKSWAGEN R32 is designed to convert your existing TrackSport Motor Mounts into StreetSport Motor Mounts. These heavy-duty mounts will result in a moderate increase in noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) transfer […]
  2. Available Now: Flywheel Bolt Set for VR6

    Available Now: Flywheel Bolt Set for VR6
    Product Description: Audi Flywheel Bolt Set designed to be used with 034Motorsport Aluminum Flywheel for Longitudinal Mount VR6 Mated to the Audi 01A/01E Transmission. These flywheel bolts have a reduced diameter head to allow them to fit in the tight 10-bolt confine of the VR6 application. Flywheel bolts are stretch bolts, and should always be replaced […]
  3. Now Available: Throttle Body Gasket, 12 Valve VR6 OBD1

      Product Description: This gasket, designed for the OBD1 equipped Mk3/B3 Volkswagen VR6 cars, replaces the OEM 021 133 073 C gasket, which is now NLA from Volkswagen.

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