Pauter 4340 Chromoly Cross-Beam Connecting Rod Set, Audi EA839 3.0T Turbocharged Engines

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Pauter 155/20 4340 Chrome Moly Cross-Beam Connecting Rod Set is designed and engineered for Audi EA839 3.0T Turbocharged Engines. Forged from 4340 Chrome Moly, their unique cross beam design rod structure has proven extremely strong and reliable. Sold as a set of six, balanced end-to-end, ready to install.

Pauter Rods are designed to accept OEM rod bearings and utilize a tapered small end to work with OE pistons with an aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushing. Supplied with ARP 2000 bolts with a rating of 220,000psi tensile strength for substantially more strength than factory rods.

This upgrade is necessary when making large increases in power and engine performance, such as higher boost levels beyond what the factory hardware is designed for, and higher revving past 7,500RPM.

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