Wagner Tuning Pro Series Head Stud Set, Audi 3.0 TFSI Supercharged & B9/B9.5 Audi 2.9/3.0 TFSI Turbocharged

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The Wagner Tuning Pro Series 18.8 Cylinder Head Stud Set is designed to replace the original cylinder head studs with high-strength Pro-Series 18.8 studs. This upgrade is necessary when making large increases in power and engine performance, such as higher boost levels beyond what the factory hardware is designed for. Using higher tensile strength tool steel than the lower grade steel the factory studs are made from, Pro Series Main Studs provide higher consistent clamping force than factory studs that stretch and elongate over use, compromising the head gasket sealing which causes coolant and oil leaks, as well as a loss of combustion pressure. As the factory studs allow this loss of clamping, catastrophic head gasket failure and even severe engine damage can occur.

The Pro-Series 18.8 Stud Bolts have a tensile strength of 1850+ N/mm² (270,000+ PSI) and are designed to be the perfect solution for upgraded head studs. Unlike factory head studs, the Wagner Pro Series Studs do not need to be replaced after dismantling and can be reused.

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