034Motorsport GTI-RS Development Vehicle

034Motorsport MkIV Volkswagen GTI-RS

When somebody tells you they own a MkIV Volkswagen GTI, you likely have a pretty good idea of what it looks like in your head. What if they told you they were in the process of "building" a MkIV GTI? You'd still probably have a good idea of what they have in mind, whether it's a big turbo four-cylinder, or even a turbocharged VR6 for the power hungry folks out there. In the case of the GTI-RS, you'd be wrong on ALL counts. During its creation, there was no car built like the GTI-RS and we're hard pressed to find any cars like it to this day. It's a true unicorn of the VAG family, and a sort of frankenstein brainchild from the masterminds at 034Motorsport.Pop the hood, and all you'll find a fuel cell where any logical person would expect to see the engine instead. Work your way toward the back of the car, and you'll notice a rather stock looking interior with a very Porsche-esque shift knob and a red painted rollbar. "Hmm, that's odd" you might proclaim, "but to each their own." Finally working your way to the back of the car, your jaw will drop as you witness the pièce de résistance in the form of a bored and stroked Audi 2.7T V6 engine, now displacing 3.0 liters and feeding a monster single turbo while all neatly packaged in the boot. Now THAT is how to build a MkIV!

The Power

034Motorsport knows how to build a potent 2.7T, so that was a logical start in our quest for big power. At the core stands an Audi APB engine block, bored for 83mm pistons and stroked using a B6 A4 3.0L forged crankshaft with Pauter Rods and custom JE pistons, bringing the overall displacement up to an even 3.0 liters. 2.8L heads were utilized from a B5 Audi A4 fitted with 1mm Oversized Supertech Intake and Exhaust ValvesHigh Rate Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers, and a Cat Cams 264/250 High Performance Camshaft Set to round out the top end. To ensure the engine block could withstand the potential power, A main bearing girdle kit was installed to ensure the engine block could withstand the potential power, along with ARP Head Studs and Main Studs to hold everything secure.

034Motorsport GTI-RS Mid-Engine 3.0L V6 Single Turbo

When it came time to address the forced induction, the factory biturbo setup was scrapped in favor of a custom single turbo configuration. The single turbo offered increased simplicity and greater adjustability based on event type and track layout. Custom longtube exhaust manifolds and secondary pipes were fabricated to allow for twin-scroll turbine housings while dual Tial 38mm V-Band Wastegates and a Tial Q Blow Off Valve help to manage boost levels. The idea of fitting this entire apparatus in the trunk of a MkIV meant some creativity was involved in routing a custom air intake, custom dual exit exhaust, and building an air-to-water intercooler utilizing a Bell core.

The GTI-RS featured two different turbo configurations, a Precision Turbo CEA 62mm GT35R for more *useable power putting down roughly 600 WHP and 490 WTQ, and an all out brain-melting Garrett GT42RS turbo helping produce 807 WHP and 596 WTQ.

 The Drivetrain

It's one thing to make all of that incredible power, but it's equally important to have a reliable way of putting it to the pavement. The 3.0 liter V6 was mated to a 6-speed Audi 01E 2WD transmission with custom gear ratios, and power transfer was handled through a SPEC Triple Disc Carbon Clutch and 034Motorsport Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel. A clutch-type limited slip differential was fitted for improved traction and Drive Shaft Shop high strength axles installed to keep the car going at full tilt. In the cabin, that Porsche shifter makes a little more sense with a 911 Turbo shifter box and linkage cables mounted underneath.

034Motorsport GTI-RS Drag Race Launch

The Chassis

As one might imagine, a lot of custom fabrication was required to mount an Audi V6 in the trunk of a MkIV Volkswagen. Heck, even that's an understatement! In fact, a full tubular rear subframe was created to keep everything in place when the car got moving, making use of 034Motorsport Motor Mounts and Motorsport Spec Transmission Mounts with custom mounting provisions on the subframe. Pickup points for suspension links were created to fit a complete Porsche 996 Turbo rear suspension including the factory 996 Turbo rear sway bar and custom-valved Ohlins 3-Way adjustable dampers with remote reservoir. Additional Porsche hardware found its way on the car including 993 Turbo front brake calipers (Big Reds) and 996 Turbo rear brake calipers. Front-to-Rear brake bias adjusters were fitted to optimize the mid-engine chassis dynamics of the GTI-RS once fully built while still maintaining factory ABS functionality.

Next was the bodywork. To put the power to the pavement and maintain proper handling characteristics, the track needed to be widened for increased stability. In the final form of the GTI-RS, what you see is a custom metal widebody created to fit the factory Porsche 996 Turbo Twist "Hollow Spoke" Wheels measuring 18 x 8" in the front and a massive 18 x 11" in the rear. And frankly, without the decals all over, half the population might overlook the understated flares and mistake the GTI-RS for just another Volkswagen hatchback. Talk about a sleeper! Finally, an NHRA-approved roll cage was built inside the car connecting the front and rear subframes together for ultimate rigidity.

The 2010 Eurotuner Grand Prix

The GTI-RS was built for one reason, and one reason only; the EuroTuner Grand Prix. The competition consists of 3 separate events, including a drage race, dyno run, and road course aimed at highlighting different strengths of each car entered. There aren't  many rules or restrictions to limit what type of car the tuner can bring, so long as it doesn't include nitrous. Beyond that, there's a single controlled variable that all entrants must abide by however, and that is to run Continental ExtremeContact DW tires in an effort to level the playing field somewhat. This ensures a fair comparison of the components fitted to each car and their overall performance rather than results based on simply what tire was chosen.

2010 was the first year the GTI-RS was entered into the Eurotuner Grand Prix, and meant that 034Motorsport would likely surprise a few people when we didn't show up with our famous B5 A4 Time Attack car. Due to the GTI-RS being a RWD car as well, this meant a new class of competitor instead of the AWD class from years prior. First up was the Dyno event, acting as a way for each competitor to show what sort of powerplant they brought along with them.

With the GT45R turbo fitted to the 3.0L V6 in the trunk, we had a go on the dyno and experienced wheelspin in fifth gear, leading to faulty numbers. Once ironed out however, the GTI-RS was able to put down 741.98 WHP and 600.1 WTQ from SP Engineering's Mustang dyno. The results put 034Motorsport in the lead, with Bluewater Performance's MkIV R32 in 2nd place overall with 597 WHP. Next up was the quarter mile drag race. Unfortunately luck was not on our side during the drags when an output flange on the driver-side rear axle snapped after using launch control for the first time. This setback put us in last place for the drag racing competition, and meant we needed to bring our A-game to the road course for redemption.

After reparing the drivetrain from the day before, 034Motorsport was set to take the road course by storm and lay down the best lap time on the Streets of Willow in southern California. The car was running strong, and conditions were just right for the team to set fastest lap time of the day with a 1:25.542, besting the 2nd place team by over 2 seconds! This meant in our first outing with the GTI-RS, we had been able to win 2 of the 3 events in the Grand Prix and spend a little more time dialing in the car while doing so. Overall, not too shabby for the car's first stab at competition.

  The 2011 Eurotuner Grand Prix

After a full 12 months had passed, it was time to wheel the GTI-RS out of hiding and dust it off for another go at the Eurotuner Grand Prix. This year we were more prepared, having run testing for three full days prior to the event and ironing out and kinks remaining.

The first event this year was the drag racing, and with 034Motorsport's President, Javad Shadzi, behind the wheel we took to the grid. The large GT45R turbo had been swapped out in favor of a newer GT4202RS turbo for similar top end horsepower with increased spool. After a couple warm up runs, Javad managed to hit the fastest time of the day with an 11.885 second pass at 134.438 mph. All the while, the rear wheels broke loose at 130mph and Javad had the balls to stay in it for the sake of getting a fast time! In search of an even faster time, the last run of the day for the GTI-RS led to the ring and pinion breaking a tooth in the transmission and requiring some immediate attention.

Thankfully the team was able to source an Audi S4 Quattro transmission, and spent most of the night installing the new transmission and welding the center differential due to the RWD configuration of the GTI-RS. Hard work paid off however, and the car was ready in time for the Dyno competition the following day. Using the same GT4202RS turbo and some master tuning from 034Motorsport''s softwaree engineers, we were able to put down the highest power number of the day at 716 WHP. Now 2 for 2, it was time to prep the car for the tight Streets of Willow road course and finish the Eurotuner Grand Prix.

Due to the tight nature of the selected track, the turbo was changed out to a more managable GT35R producing roughly 600 WHP. The car was performing flawlessly, and the team was able to achieve a lap time of 1:25.644, almost identical to the time from the year before. Unfortunately this wasn't fast enough to win the road course however, as Berk Technology managed a 1:24.694 in their BMW 135i. However with 2 first place finishes and 1 second place finish, this meant 034Motorsport had taken the overall victory for the 2011 Eurotuner Grand Prix in their purpose-built GTI-RS!

034Motorsport had proven the GTI-RS was one hell of a car, and made the goal of winning the Eurotuner Grand Prix a reality. As if there was any doubt before, this infamous mid-engine, rear-wheel drive Volkswagen GTI build is likely one of the most insane ones ever done. Later dubbed "The Mullet" because of the business-like OEM appearance up front, and 3.0L V6 single turbo party in the back, we believe the glory of the GTI-RS will live on forever.

2001 Volkswagen GTI-RS | Hardware & Software Upgrades

Engine Block 

Cylinder Head & Valvetrain

Turbocharger, Intake, & Exhaust

  • Turbocharger Options
    • Precision Turbo CEA 62mm GT35R
    • Garrett GT42RS
  • 034Motorsport Long Tube Exhaust Manifolds & Secondary Pipes
  • Allows for Twin-Scroll Turbine Housings
  • Dual Tial 38mm V-Band Wastegates
  • Tial Q-Vent Blow Off Valve
  • 034Motorsport Oil & Water Line Kit
  • 034Motorsport Custom Dual Exit Exhaust
  • 034Motorsport Custom Air Intake
  • B5 Audi RS4 Intake Manifold
  • Custom Air to Water Intercooler with Bell Core
  • Large Front-Mount Heat Exchanger
  • 5-Gallon Water Tank & High Flow Electric Water Pump

Engine Management, Electronics, Fueling, Ignition

  • 034EFI Stage IIc Standalone Engine Management
  • AIM Sports MXL Pro Dash
  • Fully-Functional Motronic ECU Controlling Tachometer and ABS
  • Limited Diagnostics and OBD-2 Functions Still Available
  • Push to Pass Steering Wheel Button with Tunable Boost Levels
  • ECU Map Switch Between Two Maps
  • 034Motorsport Direct-Acting Boost Control Solenoid
  • 034Motorsport 2.7T Fuel Rails
  • Fuel Lab Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Bosch 850cc EV14 Fuel Injectors
  • ATL Fuel Cell
  • 034Motorsport Surge Tank
  • Dual Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps
  • -10AN to Dual -6AN Fuel Lines
  • 034EFI High Output DIS Coils


  • 6-Speed Audi 01E 2WD Transmission with Custom Gear Ratios
  • WPC Treated Transmission
  • 034Motorsport/SPEC Triple Disc Carbon Clutch Kit
  • 034Motorsport Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
  • 034Motorsport Custom Clutch-Type Limited Slip Differential
  • Porsche 911 Turbo Shifter Box & Cables
  • 034Motorsport Billet Shift Linkage
  • Drive Shaft Shop High Strength Axles
  • 034Motorsport Engine Mounts
  • 034Motorsport Transmission Mounts


  • Ohlins 3-Way Adjustable Dampers with Remote Reservoir
  • Custom Valving for Weight & Wheelbase of GTI
  • H2Sport Front Sport Spindles
  • H2Sport Front Spherical Control Arms
  • Ground Control Adjustable camber plates/strut tops
  • Front Strut Tie Bar
  • 5x100 to 5x130 Wheel Adapters for Front Wheels
  • Custom Tubular Rear Subframe
  • Complete 996 Turbo Rear Suspension
  • Stock 996 Turbo Rear Sway Bar
  • Optimized Bump Steer Adjustable Toe Links


  • Porsche 993 Turbo Front Brake Calipers
  • Custom 034Motorsport Front Brake Rotors
  • Porsche 996 Turbo Rear Brake Calipers & OEM Rear Rotors
  • Cobalt Friction Brake Pads
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Front/Rear Brake Bias Adjustments
  • Optimized for Mid-Engine Chassis Dynamics
  • Factory ABS Fully Functional

Wheels & Tires

  • Porsche 996 Turbo Twist “Hollow Spoke” Wheels
    • 18x8 Front
    • 18x11 Rear
  • Continental ExtremeContact DW Tires

Chassis & Safety

  • 034Motorsport Aluminum Front Subframe Mounts
  • Custom Metal Widebody
  • NHRA Legal Main Roll Hoop & Rear Chassis Reinforcement
  • MkIV Volkswagen R32 Steering Wheel
  • MkIV Volkswagen GTI Seats


2001 Volkswagen GTI-RS | Events, Media, Press




  • 2010 Eurotuner Grand Prix
    • Dyno Event - 1st Place
    • Road Course - 1st Place
  • 2011 Eurotuner Grand Prix - Overall Winner
    • Drag Race - 1st Place
    • Dyno Event - 1st Place
    • Road Course - 2nd Place



  • Christian Miller
  • Javad Shadzi
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