034Motorsport Suspension Lift Kit, Volkswagen Alltrack

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Volkswagen designed the Alltrack to be the ultimate vehicle for adventure seekers, where it combined practicality with high performance - except they forgot one thing - to give it enough ground clearance. The 034Motorsport Suspension Lift Kit for Volkswagen Alltrack is the ultimate solution for thrill seekers looking to improve ground clearance and lift their vehicles. The Suspension Lift Kit adds an additional 1.3” of ride height in front and 0.6” of ride height in the rear resulting in a level, no-rake lifted height that significantly improves ground and fender clearance. This lift is perfect for overlanders and parking lot speed bump crawlers alike.

Installation Effort: HOT Install Difficulty - Hot
NVH Levels: None-Low
NVH Levels: None-Low

NVH is the measurement of how much noise, vibration, & harshness gets transmitted into the cabin of your vehicle. Based on user feedback, the 034Motorsport Suspension Lift Kit transfer none to low amounts of NVH to the cabin. NVH changes may be more noticeable in vehicles if your strut mounts and bearings are worn or failed. NVH is subjective, so some users may find NVH to be increased or decreased from our rating. If you are experiencing higher than quoted NVH with this product, please evaluate the installation to ensure to components are touching each other and email techsupport@034motorsport.com for further assistance.

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