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034Motorsport is the premier destination for Audi B9/B9.5 RS5 performance parts, tuning, and upgrades! The 034Motorsport catalog offers a holistic transformation to modify your vehicle. We pride ourselves on developing the finest track-proven performance upgrades for Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts. 034Motorsport is owned and operated by enthusiasts like you!

Whether you are looking for high-performance engine tuning upgrades like the Dynamic+ Tuning Suite, Wagner Intercooler, Upgraded HPFP, and upgraded TTE Hybrid Turbochargers or are looking to dial in your S5’s handling and braking performance with Density Line Control Arms, Sway Bar Upgrades, and 2-Piece Floating Brake Rotor Upgrades - 034Motorsport has you covered.

Unsure of where to start? 034Motorsport Acceleration, and Braking Packages are also available for those looking to upgrade their B9/B9.5 Audi RS5 in staged upgrade paths! 034Motorsport Handling & Acceleration Packages contain hand-selected products from the expansive 034Motorsport catalog, put together by the experienced 034Motorsport Engineering Team, to offer the perfect mix of staged handling and power upgrades for the 2.9 TFSI-powered Audi RS5!

034Motorsport is comprised of a highly-skilled team of enthusiasts working in unison to design, test, build, and calibrate the latest performance upgrades for Audi and Volkswagen applications. Unlike other companies that merely drop-ship parts or outsource development, we do it all under one roof to ensure that 034Motorsport products are the highest quality on the market.

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