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034Motorsport collaborated with JE to create Forged Piston Upgrades for the Audi EA839 3.0T, offering the ultimate durability and performance. JE Forged Pistons are optimized for high-horsepower racing engines and use proprietary forging technology to provide next-level tensile strength to handle extreme cylinder pressures. JE Forged Pistons are made 100% in the USA.


These JE Forged Pistons offer a performance-oriented compression ratio versus the factory compression ratio for higher efficiency under lighter load conditions. With the strength of the JE Forged Pistons, there are opportunities for higher power and safety margin of the EA839 3.0T Engine once upgraded with the high-performance components available from 034Motorsport.

034Motorsport opted to utilize a lower compression ratio when collaborating with JE based upon our extensive years of experience with building Volkswagen and Audi engines for high-horsepower and racing applications. By dropping the compression ratio to the same ratio found in the B9/B9.5 Audi RS5 2.9TT, 034Motorsport calibrations are able to request more timing advance with less risk of detonation, resulting in being able to extract more power while improving safety and reliability.

JE Forged Pistons are forged from 2618 Aluminum, yielding high tensile strength needed for high-demand performance applications. JE uses their proprietary Forged Side Relief (FSR) forging design minimizes friction and power loss with reduced skirt width, minimizing piston contact with the cylinder wall that can cause friction and power loss while the shortened wrist pins reduces the overall weight. JE Pro Seal Piston Rings are included to maximize horsepower through precision sealing of combustion pressure.

  • Lower Compression Ratio
    • Stock 3.0T Compression Ratio: 11.2:1
    • 034Motorsport Ratio: 10.0:1
  • Heavy Duty Wrist Pins for Extra Strength
  • Forged from 2618 Aluminum Alloy
  • All Piston Rings Included
  • Euro Dish Piston Face
  • Stock Bore Size: 84.5mm (3.327”)
  • Pairs Perfectly with Pauter Connecting Rods: Click Here
  • Note: JE Forged Pistons are Louder than Factory Pistons During Cold Start