034Motorsport and NorCal Audi Club are excited to bring you SummerFest 2017! Join us at 034Motorsport for another great meet with food, cars, and fun!
SummerFest 2017 at 034Motorsport - Bay Area Audi/Volkswagen Meet & Greet
We'll be hosting the 4th Annual NorCal Audi Club SummerFest as well as the 9th Annual 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House on Saturday, July 29th! We'll have all of the attractions you're used to, as well as a few extras.

Free to Attend - RSVP on Facebook!

Cars & Enthusiasts - Bring your stock or modified Audi or Volkswagen, meet fellow enthusiasts, see their cars, and get an in-depth look at some of 034Motorsport's race cars and projects.
Dyno Runs - We are offering great deals on baseline dynos, and accepting 20 cars. See what you car makes on our Mustang AWD Dyno, or just check out some of the other cars doing pulls. Click here to pre-register and get a free 034Motorsport T-Shirt.
Discounted Products - We will be offering 10% off all 034Motorsport-branded products and merchandise at the event.
Discounted Tunes - Save up to $300 on 034Motorsport Performance ECU Software, and up to $200 on 034Motorsport Performance DSG Software at SummerFest! Click here to pre-order 034Motorsport ECU Software and/or DSG Software.
Free Raffle - Everyone who attends can enter their name (once, only once) (no, really, you can't enter your dog or cat, we'll notice) in our free raffle, featuring items from 034Motorsport.
Open House - We will be giving tours of the 034Motorsport Facility, including our Service Department. This is your chance to see how our parts are made, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on here at 034. 🙂
Free BBQ – 034Motorsport’s Founder & President, Javad Shadzi, will be grilling up delicious food for all of our attendees! We’ll do our best not to run out of food, but make sure to come early just in case.

See Pictures from Last Year's Summerfest!

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