Tuned 8V Audi S3 MQB in Misano Red
November's #Drive034 feature goes out to Kevin and his tastefully modded 8V Audi S3!
Kevin has a handful of 034Motorsport upgrades on his car to improve handling and responsiveness including a Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert, Billet Aluminum Rear Subframe Mount Inserts, Stainless Steel Front Subframe Locking Collars, and Spherical Rear Sway Bar End Links.
His favorite Go-Fast part from 034Motorsport is the Adjustable MQB Solid Rear Sway Bar "because of the immediate improvement in the reduction of body roll while still being not too rigid as to ruin any sort of comfort in the vehicle."
Thanks for your submission Kevin! Be sure to show his S3 some love, and don't forget to submit photos of your ride with 034Motorsport products installed to Driven@034Motorsport.com to be featured next month!
For more photos of Kevin's 8V Audi S3, check out his Instagram here.

Lowered 8V Audi S3 2.0T Quattro

Kevin's 8V Audi S3 2.0T | Featured Products

Modded Misano Red 8V Audi S3 2.0T MQB