Pure750 Turbocharger Upgrade, B9/B9.5 EA839 3.0T Vehicles

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The Pure Turbos Pure750 Hybrid Turbocharger is designed to transform the power output of your B9/B9.5 EA839 3.0T powered Audi with accompanying 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3 or Stage 3+ Tuning Software. The Pure750 features a larger custom billet compressor wheel, a larger hi-flow turbine wheel, and an upgraded bearing housing, and is VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) Balanced and Tested to ensure maximum performance & longevity.

The Pure750 Turbocharger Upgrade requires upgraded software, such as 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3 & Stage 3+ ECU Tuning Software.

Performance Gains:
Stage 3/3+ Pure750 91: 548 HP / 611 TQ
Stage 3/3+ Pure750 93: 594 HP / 641 TQ
Stage 3 Pure750: Figures Coming Soon for E60-E70/E85
Stage 3+ Pure750 E60-E70: 735 HP / 707 TQ
Stage 3+ Pure750 E85 Pump: 697 HP / 689 TQ

Note: The Pure750 Turbocharger reuses your factory turbo wastegate actuator. You will need to transfer your wastegate actuator to the Pure750 before installation.

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