We at 034Motorsport want to extend a huge congratulations to our customer David Musiyenko, the person behind the Need4Built YouTube Channel, for setting the fastest 1/4 mile time ever run for the B9/B9.5 SQ5 3.0T platform, with a 9.995 at 135.32MPH. This is the first Audi SUV to run a 9-second quarter-mile time and we're proud to showcase David's build, rocking a host of 034Motorsport Upgrades. Drag racing is a cornerstone of 034's beginning, and we love to see our customers hit the track and show what they can do with the power of Dynamic+ tuning, pushing the envelope of the platform!


Weight Reduction:

  • 034 2-Piece Rotors = -25lbs
  • Door Cards= -30lbs
  • All Seats= -220lbs
  • Carbon Fiber Driver Seat= +5lbs
  • Trunk Components= -30lbs
  • Exhaust= -30lbs
  • Drag Wheels/Tires= -120lbs


With Dynamic+ software, we aim to provide consistent and repeatable performance for your B9/B9.5 3.0T equipped car. With 3 consecutive 10 second ¼ mile passes, all above 135mph and within .03 seconds of each other, David's B9 SQ5 demonstrates exactly that. David was also able to maximize 034Motorsport's Launch Control strategy to consistently run a 1.4x 60ft on all three runs. 034Motorsport ECU and TCU software are designed to perform consistently and safely in all uses. Whether you're on a road course, drag strip, road trip, or are simply commuting day to day in hot and cold weather, Dynamic+ Tuning maximizes all available safety features found in the MG1 ECU to ensure that your car is running at its best, every time.

9-second passes in a 4,400lb SUV don't come with ease, and David's pass was simply no exception! When testing out his new Carbon Fiber Hood on the first pass of the day, his hood unfortunately flew off. David still ran a 10.18 in the 1/4 while on the brakes at the 1000ft! While this could have cut his day short, David went home, put his OEM hood back on, and headed back to the track and ran his 9-second pass! Unfortunately, his day was cut short after a charge pipe blew off.

What About Full Weight?

With the same modifications and massive 22" wheels in a full weight configuration, David's SQ5 crosses through the 1/4mi in 10.38 seconds at 134.03mph!

Track Conditions:

Questions about how 034Motorsport Tuning and Hardware can have your car running the same times? Email sales@034motorsport.com and our team will be happy to assist!

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The 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum DSG Breather Catch Can for the Audi 8V.5 RS3 replaces the tiny OE plastic vent and prevents transmission fluid from being forced out and splashing around the engine bay. Any transmission fluid that is collected in the catch can drains back into the transmission. Improve the appearance of your RS3's engine bay by installing this beautiful billet catch can and eliminating unsightly oil stains.

The body of the catch can is CNC milled from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and black anodized for a durable and stealthy finish. Internally, a stainless steel baffle plate prevents transmission oil from escaping the system. External mounting brackets are powder coated to prevent corrosion and enhance appearance. The OEM plastic vent hose is replaced with 8mm I.D. silicone vent hose while retaining the OE connector at the transmission. Finally, all mounting points for the DSG catch can are stock mounting points, which makes for an easy installation with no drilling or cutting necessary.


  • 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Housing
  • Black Anodized Finish for Durability and Stealth
  • Stainless Steel Internal Baffle Plate
  • Powder Coated Vehicle Mounting Brackets
  • 8mm I.D. Silicone Vent Hose
  • Retains the OE Connector at the Transmission
  • Utilizes Available Stock Mounting Points
  • Eliminates Transmission Oil Splatter in Engine Bay


  • Billet Aluminum DSG Catch Can Body with Brackets x1
  • 8mm I.D. Silicone Vent Hose x2ft
  • Zinc Plated Steel 14mm x 1.5 Banjo Bolt x1
  • Custom-Machined Billet Aluminum 14mm Banjo Fitting x1
  • 14mm x 20mm Aluminum Crush Washer x2
  • M8x16 Worm Drive Clamps x2
  • 14-15mm to 20-25mm Swivel Clip x1


Replace your flimsy, imprecise OEM sway bar end links with these performance-engineered Dynamic+ Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links for BMW F2x/F3x/G2x Chassis cars from 034Motorsport!

034Motorsport's Dynamic+ Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links allow for the uncompromised transfer of suspension movement to the sway bar, and are adjustable in length, allowing you to eliminate preload on the sway bar. 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links use high-misalignment ball joints, ensuring that the end links do not bind as the suspension articulates.

This 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit has the features, performance, and maintenance-free operation to make it a winner on the street and the track!


When a sway bar is preloaded, it means that it is already twisted when the car is at rest, and it’s trying to roll the car to one side because of this. This will lead to asymmetric behavior and the car will favor tuning one way versus the other.

Preload is detectable when the car is at ride height on a flat surface, and removal of an end link is difficult because the sway bar is already twisted and applying force on the bolt, or installing the end link is difficult because the bar needs to be twisted to insert the bolt through the hole in the sway bar. With equal-length non-adjustable sway bar end links, removing preload is not possible.

By utilizing our 034Motorsport adjustable end links, the lengths of each end link can be adjusted so that the end link can be easily installed at ride height without needing to twist the bar to get it to fit. Zero preload provides symmetrical handling in right and left turns.


  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Bodies (Anodized Black for Durability)
  • Zinc Plated Steel Ball Joints
  • OEM+ Quality with Adjustability
  • Quieter with Less Maintenance than Spherical Motorsport End Links
  • +/- 0.75" of Adjustability (1.5" Total Adjustment Range)
  • Adjust Sway Bar Preload - Essential When Corner Balancing Lowered Vehicles
  • Increased Strength for Stiffer Sway Bars, Heavier Loads, and Motorsport Use
  • Improved Sway Bar Reaction Time & Accuracy
  • Compatible with All Stock and Aftermarket Sway Bars.
  • Sold In Pairs


  • 33 50 6 785 607


  • 2x Billet Aluminum Adjuster Rods
  • 2x Dynamic+ Ball Joints - RH Thread
  • 2x Dynamic+ Ball Joints - LH Thread
  • 2x Jamb Nuts - RH Thread
  • 2x Jamb Nuts - LH Thread
  • 4x M10 Lock Nuts
  • 4x M10 Washers
  • Anti-Seize


Replace your fixed, stamped steel factory rear toe links on your BMW F2x/F3x Chassis with this performance engineered adjustable set from 034Motorsport!

034Motorsport's Motorsport Adjustable Rear Toe Links facilitate simple and precise toe adjustments, making alignment changes for optimal track performance or even tire wear easier than ever. In addition, Motorsport Adjustable Rear Toe Links feature Aurora spherical rod ends for ultimate precision and durability - ensuring that proper suspension geometry is maintained during hard cornering.

Motorsport Adjustable Rear Toe Links were thoroughly tested on the street and track on 034Motorsport's F30 BMW 340i Development Vehicle before release. These adjustable toe links are direct replacements for the stock parts, and designed to be fully serviceable and rebuildable.


  • Fine Adjustment of Rear Toe
  • Eliminates All Bushing Deflection
  • Improved Handling
  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Tie Rod Bodies - Anodized Black for Durability
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Rod End Spacers
  • Aurora Spherical Rod Ends Featuring Self-Lubricating Teflon Race Lining
  • Designed For Easy, Precise, On-Car Adjustability
  • Direct Drop-In Replacements for Factory Toe Links
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Sold In Pairs


  • 33-32-6-792-533


  • 2x Billet Adjustment Rods
  • 2x Aurora Spherical Rod Ends (RH Threads)
  • 2x Aurora Spherical Rod Ends (LH Threads)
  • 2x Jamb Nuts (RH Threads)
  • 2x Jamb Nuts (LH Threads)
  • 8x Billet 303 Stainless Steel Spacers
  • 4x Billet 6061 Aluminum Spacers
  • 4x Rubber Boots
  • 2x Anti-Seize

034Motorsport's Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Trim for the C8 RS6/RS7 is designed to tastefully complement the factory engine bay with a beautiful carbon fiber weave that matches other aftermarket carbon fiber.

This genuine carbon fiber cover is an overlay for the plastic factory engine cover, retaining the factory Audi rings and RS logo for a true OEM+ appearance.


  • Carbon Fiber Weave Matches Other OEM and 034 Carbon Fiber Weaves
  • 034 Logo Included Uninstalled in the Box for Customer Choice of Branded or OEM+ Style Aesthetics
  • Easy Install with 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape

What's Included:

  • Carbon Fiber Trim - Left
  • Carbon Fiber Trim - Right
  • 2x 034 Brushed Stickers


  • 2019 - Present Audi C8 RS7
  • 2020 - Present Audi C8 RS6

034Motorsport Intake Systems are developed to substantively improve performance for supercharged & turbocharged engines found in Audis, Volkswagens, & BMWs. 034Motorsport Intake Systems offer discerning enthusiasts measurable increases in horsepower and torque, more aggressive induction sound and turbocharger noise with beautiful OEM+ styling and finish.

Throughout the development process, multiple designs were modeled, prototyped, and tested - all to ensure that the 034Motorsport intakes deliver measurable performance benefits and superb fitment.

034Motorsport Design Philosophies:


034Motorsport focuses on optimizing every aspect of the intake system across a broad range of variables and compromises. A critical component of a high-flowing performance intake is the ability for air to flow around and into the filter. If the air cannot flow freely around the filter, it will be restricted from getting into it. Many aftermarket kits fit too large of a filter in an enclosure that cannot accommodate its size, thus choking the filter and reducing its overall flow. This often happens when a product is engineered for one variable at the expense of others.

034Motorsport conducted extensive tests and refined its development of the intake design to allow for maximum airflow surrounding the air filter, allowing for optimal airflow to, and through, the filter. The final result is the right size filter in the right size filter housing, creating maximum airflow and performance with OEM level filtering, the ultimate goal of any intake system. Be cautious of any intake that brags only of the air filter size without taking into account the detrimental effects of shrouding the filter.


034Motorsport engineers first create a CFD-optimized 4-Ply silicone intake tube, or carbon fiber tube, which is a direct, high-performance replacement for the plastic factory accordion/sound deadening hose. Using CAD software and 3D scanning technology, 034Motorsport was able to optimize the cross-sectional area of the intake tube while being mindful of space constraints. The resulting part is a functional work of art - maximizing performance given the factory space constraints and featuring smooth transitions that ensure optimal airflow to the throttle body.


034Motorsport intakes house a high-flow conical air filter with a double-layer pleated cotton filtration medium, capable of trapping particles as small as 5 Microns. This air filter design offers increased flow through an enlarged filtration surface while ensuring superior filtration. We have tested this air filter in applications over 800HP with minimal restriction and superior OEM quality air filtration.

While many intake kits leave the air filter unsupported and ”flopping” around, 034Motorsport engineers designed a clever air filter support that not only prevents unwanted movement but also allows compliance to accommodate engine movement under varying load conditions. An added benefit is an air shroud that doesn’t move and rub on other engine compartment components like many other designs on the market do.

034Motorsport Intake Systems:

034Motorsport offers several different intake designs for each vehicle, and each one is able to serve a different purpose based on the vehicle it is engineered for.

X34 Carbon Fiber Intake Systems:

The 034Motorsport X34 Carbon Fiber Intake Systems are designed to offer unsurpassed fit, finish, & beauty to the engine bay of your vehicle. These intake systems offer clean OEM+ styling with an enclosed or partially-enclosed airbox. In many cases, these intakes pair with other OEM intake components such as the lower air box, intake air duct, or turbo inlet. 

If you're looking for a beautiful carbon fiber intake to maximize the performance, this is the one to get. These airboxes look beautiful with their carbon fiber styling and are sure to turn heads at the local car meet.


  • High-Quality Carbon Fiber Airbox and Filter Tube Construction
  • High-Gloss Epoxy Finish
  • OEM+ Fit and Finish
  • Securely Installs Using Factory Mounting Grommets
  • Large-Diameter CFD-Optimized Carbon Fiber Filter Tube
  • Improved Airflow from Factory Airbox and Intake Tube
  • Filter is Unshrouded, Unlike Other Intakes, to Provide Maximum Air Flow
  • Reduced Intake Air Temperature

P34 Cold Air Intake Systems:

The P34 Cold Air Intake Systems are designed to offer OEM+ fit and finish with an OE style injection molded plastic intake system. These intake systems typically mirror their X34 counterpart in both physical dimensions and performance. Not all owners are looking to Carbon Fiber out their engine bay, nor pay the price - and for that reason, we offer the P34 Cold Air Intake Systems.

If you're looking for a high performance intake but want to keep a sleek, OEM+ style plastic airbox, this is the intake style for you. These intakes mimic the design language of factory airboxes and offer a significant improvement in performance!


  • Superb Fit & Finish to Match Factory Engine Bay
  • Stealthy OEM+ Design Utilizes Factory Inlet & Heat Shield
  • Securely Installs Using Factory Mounting Grommets
  • Improved Airflow from Factory Airbox and Intake Tube
  • Filter is Unshrouded, Unlike Other Intakes, to Provide Maximum Air Flow
  • Reduced Intake Air Temperature

S34 Carbon Fiber Intake Systems:

The SüperDüper S34 Carbon Fiber Intake Systems are designed with an easily upgradable and modular design, and is supplied with components able to easily support 1000+ horsepower with larger turbochargers or superchargers. This modular design will allow the base structure of the S34 intake to easily be adapted to any future turbocharger or supercharger size and combination. Expect to see more from 034Motorsport in the future with upgraded components to match larger turbocharger applications! 

The S34 Carbon Fiber Intake System is constructed with a large 4-Ply Silicone Hose connected to one of 034Motorsport’s large conical air filters. The final piece is a Carbon Fiber Heat Shroud free of restrictive shrouding, allowing the S34 to maximize performance.

If you're looking to maximize the performance of your vehicle, the S34 Carbon Fiber Intakes are for you. By pairing a massive filter with a beautiful Carbon Fiber Shroud, these are 034Motorsport's highest flowing intake options, available at a cost-effective price!


  • High-Quality Carbon Fiber Air Block-off Shield
  • High-Gloss Epoxy Finish
  • 4-Ply Gloss Black Silicone Intake Tube
  • No Rubbing or Excessive Movement
  • OEM+ Fit and Finish
  • Reduced Intake Air Temperature
  • Securely Installs Using Factory Mounting Grommets

Insuction Bundles:

Induction Bundles are two or more 034Motorsport Intake Components paired together to create one convenient package to comprehensively upgrade your Audi or VW’s intake system. In many cases, these kits include a turbo inlet, turbo inlet hose, and air filter, or a turbo inlet and intake system such as the X34, P34, or S34.

This is a cost effective way to upgrade the intake tract of your Volkswagen or Audi by pairing multiple 034motorsport products together. If you're looking for the easiest way to upgrade your intake system on a budget, this is the way to go!


  • Contains Everything Needed to Upgrade Intake System in One Convenient Package

Turbo Inlets:


SüperDüper Turbo Inlet Pipe Kits are an essential upgrade to optimize power by eliminating a critical flow restriction in the intake tract when running larger than factory turbochargers. These massive 034Motorsport SüperDüper Turbo Inlets are designed to maximize performance for Hybrid Turbo Tuning Software. OEM Features such as CNC machined edge retains the silicone hose securely to the turbo inlet pipe and standoffs to clip the factory wiring harness to are what makes 034Motorsport Turbo Inlets unique. SüperDüper Turbo Inlet Pipe Kits are available for select platforms, utilize CNC-Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapters that perfectly mate to allow smooth air entry into the compressor housing, and retain provisions for the factory PCV system fitting in the factory location.

For platforms which benefit from a larger diameter inlet, SüperDüper options are made available with accompanying intake components required to support the larger diameter.


The Standard 034Motorsport Turbo Inlets are designed to be drop-in upgrades over the factory turbo inlet, adapting to OEM diameter intake tubes for versatile fitment while still improving flow. Turbo Inlet Pipes utilize CNC-Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapters that perfectly mate to allow smooth air entry into the compressor housing. Turbo Inlet Pipes also retain provisions for the factory PCV system fitting in the factory location. Turbo Inlet Pipes are designed to work with OEM style turbo inlet hoses, such as X34 or P34 Intake Systems, or OEM Turbo Inlet Hoses.

For platforms that only offer a standard fitment, we've found that increasing the overall inlet diameter did not improve the flow and only reduced fitment capabilities.

The Density Line Drivetrain Mounts from 034Motorsport have set the industry standard for the past decade, making them the preferred choice for enthusiasts looking for reliable and strong drivetrain mounts across various power levels. We're taking the support of Density Line Drivetrain Mounts to the next level and are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Density Line Engine & Transmission Mounts - a true testament to the engineering & quality of our Drivetrain Mount products. 

Whether you’ve purchased through 034Motorsport or one of our Authorized Dealers, your Density Line Drivetrain Mounts are covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty. When you think your mounts need replacement or have experienced a mount failure, simply reach out to the 034Motorsport Technical Support team at Techsupport@034Motorsport.com!

The 034Motorsport Density Line Drivetrain Mount Lifetime Warranty covers all Density Line Engine & Transmission Mounts* with normal wear & tear or manufacturing defects. Engine & Transmission mounts that exhibit minimal wear, signs of abuse, or that were not installed properly may not be covered. While we want all customers to be able to take advantage of the Lifetime Warranty, those who abuse the Density Line Lifetime Replacement Warranty or act in bad faith may be disqualified at our sole discretion. We want to ensure that this Program remains fair and accessible to all customers. The Density Line Drivetrain Mount Lifetime Warranty is only valid to the original purchaser. This warranty program does not cover Density Line Suspension components.

*The product must state on the product page that it is covered by the Density Line Drivetrain Mount Lifetime Warranty.

Questions? Email Techsupport@034Motorsport.com for more information!

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Check out our new Res-X Kit here!

The 034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete and X-Pipe for your B8/B8.5 Audi Q5/SQ5 3.0T unleashes a throaty growl and exotic tone that exudes the sound of performance and warns bystanders that this isn't your average family SUV. The new aggressive exhaust note is accomplished by removing the heavy factory resonator and replacing it with a ready-to-install 034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete and integrated X-Pipe.

No welding required! This is a true bolt-in exhaust upgrade that eliminates the quiet factory resonator for a deeper and more aggressive exhaust note, and the incorporated X-Pipe works to balance exhaust pulses from each side of the motor, resulting in a smoother exhaust flow.

Enjoy a more aggressive exhaust note with no noticeable drone inside the cabin at a fraction of the cost of more expensive cat-back systems.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Titanium Look Finish
  • Deeper, Aggressive Exhaust Note
  • No Added Drone Inside Cabin (with Stock Cat/Downpipe)
  • Lighter Than Factory Resonators:
    • OE Resonator: 16.63 lbs.
    • 034 Res-X: 11.44 lbs.
  • Completely Reversible Installation


  • Res-X Resonator Delete & X-Pipe
  • 2x 55mm Exhaust Clamps

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