034Motorsport MkVII Volkswagen GTI Performance Development Vehicle

034Motorsport MkVII Volkswagen GTI Performance Development Vehicle

034Motorsport's 2015 Volkswagen GTI dives into the Mk7 GTI Performance Parts Catalog to build upon the best-selling hatchback's reputation as a fun, affordable driver's car. Each upgrade installed on this MkVII GTI is engineered to improve performance and enhance driving dynamics while retaining the comfort and practicality that make the latest-generation GTI a great daily driver.

Power - Stage 1 Software & X34 Intake

In stock form, the GTI's 2-liter engine sends up to 210 horsepower and 258 foot pounds of torque to the front wheel(s), thanks in part to the boost provided by its IHI IS20 turbocharger. Luckily, there is plenty of headroom in the factory engine control unit (ECU) to dial up the boost and optimize timing and fueling maps to get quite a bit more "go" out of the EA888 2.0T Gen 3 engine, especially when combined with a performance air intake.

Stage 1 Mk7 Volkswagen GTI with X34 Carbon Fiber Intake

Soon after it's arrival to 034Motorsport, the GTI was strapped to the in-house dyno, where 034Motorsport's calibration engineer began optimization of the factory ECU's boost, fueling, and timing maps to safely increase power output with a 034Motorsport Stage 1 Tune. In addition to yielding significant increases in horsepower and torque, throttle mapping was refined and left-foot braking was enabled to allow for precise power delivery on both the street and track.

The factory air intake was replaced with an X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System and Carbon Fiber Fresh Air Duct to eliminate any flow restrictions before the compressor inlet, while rewarding the driver with enhanced induction and turbocharger sounds. 034Motorsport's Res-X Exhaust Resonator Delete was also installed, giving the GTI a sporty exhaust note to match its newfound power, without being excessively loud or creating drone the cabin.


Handling - Chassis, Drivetrain, and Suspension Upgrades

One of the most important aspects that make the GTI such a great driver's car from the factory is its handling. The Mk7 GTI is quite nimble and responsive to begin with, and those qualities can be accentuated with simple bolt-on chassis and suspension upgrades, especially in combination with a performance wheel and tire combination.

Lowered 2015 Volkswagen GTI with HRE FF15 FlowForm Wheels

To address the front-wheel-drive GTI's natural tendency to understeer, 034Motorsport's Solid Adjustable Rear Sway Bar and Spherical Rear Trailing Arms were fitted. These upgrades work in unision to reduce body roll, maintain proper suspension geometry under hard cornering, and inspire driver confidence through improved feedback and control. Dynamic+ Lowering Springs were installed to give the GTI a more aggressive stance while improving handling characteristics and lowering its center of gravity, and a set of HRE FF15 FlowForm Wheels wrapped in meaty 255/30/19 Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tires to improve aesthetics and provide plenty of grip.

A set of Density Line Performance Motor Mounts were installed along with a Billet MQB Dogbone Mount Insert to limit wheel hop and allow for a more solid connection between the drivetrain and chassis. This results in improved acceleration, crisper shifting, and improved response to throttle inputs, all of which come together to further enhance the driving experience.


More to Come

While the 034Motorsport GTI has come along way from stock trim, it has many more Go Fast Parts & Tuning in store as 034Motorsport's MQB Product Line continues to evolve. Stay tuned to see what else we have in store for the MQB platform!

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  • AudiFest by Audi Club Golden Gate (Sonoma Raceway)
  • AudiTron by Audi Club Golden Gate (Thunderhill Raceway)
  • Fastivus 2016 (Auto Club Speedway)
  • Big SoCal Euro 2016 (Qualcomm Stadium)
  • Quattro de Seca by Audi Club Golden Gate (Laguna Seca Raceway)


  • Laszlo Tallai

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