1. SummerFest 2018 | Car Show, Open House, Get Together

    This year's SummerFest was a milestone for 034Motorsport in many ways. First and foremost, it was the biggest turnout we've ever seen! It also marked our first ever SummerFest Car Show, including five different categories with awards being handed out by the end of the day. And finally, it brought much greater vendor participation, allowing […]
  2. WinterFest 2018 | Open House, Get-Together, Car Show

    In our current era of Fake News and internet stardom, we like to bring people back down to reality and open up our doors to offer a behind the scenes look at what we do at 034Motorsport. Here, You won't find knock-off products, nor will you find third party investor backing. Instead what you'll find […]
  3. WinterFest 2018 at 034Motorsport - Bay Area Audi/Volkswagen Get Together & Car Show

    034Motorsport is excited to bring you WinterFest 2018! Join us at our Fremont, CA Performance Facility for another great meet with food, cars, and fun! This event is hosted by 034Motorsport and open to all local Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts, groups, and clubs. We'll be hosting the 5th Annual WinterFest Get Together, Car Show, and […]
  4. SummerFest 2017 | 034Motorsport's Dyno Day & Open House with NorCal Audi Club

    Over the past few weeks the sun has been shining and the earth has been scorching. You know what that means, right? We're due for another Open House and Dyno Day! This July marked our 9th Annual SummerFest, hosted at 034Motorsport's headquarters in Fremont, California¬†with the NorCal Audi Club. It's that time of year when […]
  5. Event Recap | 034Motorsport at Wuste Vegas

    Now that we've had ample recovery time from the madness that is Wuste Vegas and the relentless desert heat, we're here to share some photos of our journey to sin city for 034Motorsport's first show of the year. It was fantastic to see so many awesome builds, talk shop with customers and vendors alike, and […]
  6. SummerFest 2017 at 034Motorsport!

    034Motorsport and NorCal Audi Club are excited to bring you SummerFest 2017! Join us at 034Motorsport for another great meet with food, cars, and fun!   We'll be hosting the 4th Annual NorCal Audi Club SummerFest as well as the 9th Annual 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House on Saturday, July 29th! We'll have all […]
  7. NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2017 | Hosted by 034Motorsport

    This year marked the fourth annual WinterFest Meet & Greet/Open House/Dyno Day/Bonanza put on by NorCal Audi Club and hosted at the 034Motorsport headquarters in Fremont, CA.¬†The forecast may have called for 5 inches of rain on the day of the event, but that didn't stop people from making this year's event the best WinterFest […]
  8. Big SoCal Euro 2016 | An Event For All

    The allure of Big SoCal Euro is that it remains one of the largest car shows on the west coast that welcomes all, and won't discriminate between marques. This event has taken place every year since it began in 2001, offering fellow car enthusiasts and vendors alike to connect in a friendly and personable environment. […]
  9. Fastivus 2016 | A Celebration of Volkswagen

    If you're a Volkswagen enthusiast who is keen on camaraderie and speed, then Fastivus needs to be on your radar. Although temperatures reached upwards of 106 degrees at Auto Club Speedway, the heat didn't prevent attendees and vendors from making this year's event the best one yet. Over 1,300 people flocked to the blistering tarmac […]
  10. Summerfest 2016 | 034Motorsport Open House, Dyno Day, BBQ, & Norcal Audi Club Meet

    This July marked the 8th Annual Summerfest at 034Motorsport's performance facility in Fremont, CA. Hosted in conjunction with NorCal Audi Club, this year's attendance was at an all time high bringing in a wide variety of Audis and Volkswagens from around the greater Bay Area. Activities included a constant stream of dyno runs all day […]

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